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The teardown of Pepe’s engine has begun. I can do somethings without hurting my back but Donnie will do the hard stuff. The oil pan was full of water and I have all of that along with the radiator drained and the hoses removed. The intake is all unbolted so all he has to do is remove it and mark the wires for the EFI. I don’t know what to expect but hope I didn’t destroy the block and heads. Replacing one rod is not recommend, but I may give it a try if it is bent. I learned that removing spark plugs on an engine with headers requires patience and a special socket made for removing with the headers in place. Harbor Freight has a set of pass-through sockets but they still did not do the job. I ordered a special socket from JEGS to remove the #3 & #5 spark plugs. I am keeping positive hoping I can repair the engine with just a new head gasket. lol!

As we head in the last quarter of 2016, the thoughts of winter projects on Pepe come to mind. An engine rebuild was not on the list but I can fix some other items in the engine compartment while I am under the hood. The radiator has been suspicious along with addition of an electric puller fan will be added to the rebuild. Replacing all the hoses and belts are also important items to be replaced. If the EFI was the cause of the hydraulic catastrophe then it will be replaced with a carburetor. A good cleaning will also be done to the engine compartment while the engine is being replaced. Removing the hood shouldn’t cause any problems as long as I just remove the bolts and not the hinges. I am hoping I can accomplish all of this before December rolls around and Christmas becomes the focus of the family. I still want to drive in the Malibu Christmas parade.

Enjoy the last quarter working on your Hot Rod and making it ready for the spring season.

Stay Tooned!



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A steel 33 roadster body hiboy has come on the market. See the For Sale section for details.


Driven very little since built— this would be a nice roadster for you to work on during the winter.


Here is the special socket for removing spark plugs 14 mm (5/8″) with no room for a regular socket. You use a regular box end or open end to turn the socket. It worked for me.

img_20160909_0001-12 img_20160909_0002 img_20160909_0003


Thom Taylor, an Art Center Graduate, has always been one of my favorite Hot Rod artists. We were neighbors in the 80’s and he was very instrumental in providing designs for some of the most famous Hot Rods built in the 80-2000’s. I have all of these prints in my collection. He is now a staffer on Hot Rod magazine.


Thom did a lot of sketches for Roy Brizio also. He did the original concept of my old delivery for Vic. I have a copy on my garage wall.


The smooth look of the 80’s and 90’s was also used by Thom in some of his renditions. Judy Murray’s hiboy.


His style is always in style for my taste. He knows the Hot Rod look and captures it in each sketch.


I have kept this one for many years and love the profile he established with his sketch.


His position with Hot Rod provides him lots of opportunities to enjoy his work. Tough work!


The 34 3-window coupe has to be one of the best designs to come out the Ford design studio’s. Stock height doesn’t look bad either.


Roy put his touches on a four-door and made it special.


The 70’s look resto-rod look is my favorite for the tudor.


SO-CAL put their touch on this 33 sedan with LS3 power. Priceless!


Of course, I like the chopped version of the 33 also. Geoff did his thing on the modification to the roof.

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