Monday’s Rain

Yes, it is still raining in LA. Saturday, the day of Nick’s annual Woody show and swap was dampened by the rain, but Bobo and I drove down in his neat Deuce 5 window and had a great time. Deuces do operated just fine in the rain. I should mention that Bobo only runs bias belt Firestone white walls so you can imagine the how they perform in the rain. I held on and away we went at 80 mph. We arrived to find a very limited supply of cars and swappers but a substantial crowd of people inside looking at the Woody’s and a few precious Deuces and Phaetons. Two beautiful sedan deliveries, a Deuce and a Forty were standing tall and kept me busy taking photos. This event is attended by people from all over the country. While standing in line for our BBQ lunch we were talking to some folks from Canada who had driven down to get away from the cold and see the Woody’s. All and all it was a great day for the show even with the rain.

Let’s look at some pictures.

Stay Tooned!



Bob’s patina 32 sedan delivery. This was an outstanding reproduction of a Firestone salesman’s truck. Firestone Gum tires and snap ring spoke wheels were very rare as was the sedan delivery. Complete feature on Friday.


Rear door was added to a sedan body, just like Ford did it. Doug McRea in Kansas reproduces the kit. My friend George is building one.


Firestone features for saleman to review with tire dealers.


Very nice 32 Phaeton from Texas. The price was $90K. I could ruin this one.


Super 34 phaeton also from Texas for only $115K. Supposedly a 38,000 mile original car. I like these cars.


Deuce 5 window garnish moldings for only $3500. Somethings never change. He also has a 25 louver hood for a few thousand more.


I had seen this car on ebay for several months and also at the V8 meet. Very, very nicely done with only 5 miles on the speedometer. Over restored and perfect. I could also ruin this one in a hurry. More on Friday.


Inside shot of floor and rear door. I have seen a lot of deliveries in my life but this is probably the best one so far.



Deuce 3 window parked in the rain. The owner kept wiping it down to keep it shiny.

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