Monday’s Rain

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We finally received some rain in California – a much needed rain. Seldom I have seen such a long drought period as in the past couple of years. While I enjoy the climate for driving hot rods, rain adds to the excitement of driving your roadster and trying to out-run the rain drops. Surprisingly, you really don’t get that wet if you drive fast or at least you don’t think you do, until you stop and water runs out the door when opened. Pepe even leaks a little around the windshield if driven in the rain but a towel takes care of that problem. I guess all my years in the car business dealing with water leaks in our trucks taught me how to make sure my hot rod doesn’t leak.

I did find some time to work on my new frame jig and I can’t believe I didn’t take the time to build one of these for myself. The ease of working on a frame at a waist high frame table is worth every cent it cost to build a fixture such as this. The fact that you can rotate the chassis to any position you like without breaking your back sure makes life easier for this old man.  Here is a photo of my new toy:


I have to remove the surface rust but the steel is perfect underneath and will clean up real nice for painting. I need to install a handle for the rotisserie to be safe, but that’s it. What a nice Christmas present for myself!

As we approach the end of 2014, I will feature some of my favorite cars during the month of December. I promise not to make them all 33 roadsters but rather a nice selection of some well built hot rods — including coupes, sedans and roadsters.

Stay Tooned!


photo 1

Here are a couple of roadsters you don’t see everyday. I have seen both of them over the years and they always have a crowd around them. Gerry’s roadster is on the right and has lots of unique features that he built into his ride.


Lance has added the fenders to his long time hiboy roadster and they make they car look a mile long.


For some of you, the snow presents a challenge for driving as opposed to our rain. Looks mighty cold to me.


JJ’s 32 is still one of my favorite 5-windows that SO-CAL built. I wonder what happened to this car? The 2 1/2 inch chop is the perfect amount on a 5-window.


Ryan has finalized the stance and sheet metal fitment on Jim’s new 40 woody project. The car is going to be one of the best 40 woodies in the country for design, engineering and overall functionality. Watch for the finished product here on Pewsplace as well as major magazine coverage.


Ryan has the eye for creating the perfect stance for a hot rod. Here is an example of his work. Perfect!


Someone sent me this hulk as a potential project which is what Jim started with. A solid start but some serious labor and wood work required to reach the above shown stage of Jim’s.


I have been following this sedan build on the HAMB where the Metal Surgeon has performed a perfect operation on lowering the roof — all metal finished.

Roys 11-15-2014 030

Roy has finished Eric’s new full fendered roadster with a full independent suspension incorporated underneath.


Another young builder, Cory in MI, has been working on Darryl’s Deuce roadster. Cory likes the early style and has a great eye for making it work on his builds. Note those 18″ tires and wheels on the rear.


The front view is also looking good with Cory’s tie rod end bone adapters and home brew headlight bar mounts.


 December’s Favorites


I will feature some of my favorite cars during the month of December. This 40 coupe would make a nice garage mate for Pepe.

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