Monday’s Rain

Suddenly the rain began coming down on friday and continued through the weekend with some serious rain (7-8 inches) on sunday.  I am not used to rain in those epic  proportions and neither is my drain system.  I survived with the help of my Mighty Mac pump to help the pool drains.  Today is better but still raining on and off with the forecast for rain almost all week.  I know I will need to get out of the house or go crazy.  The NSRA inspection was called off due to rain and Ruby stayed inside all weekend and was kept very dry in her garage.  I think we look at rain as a necessary commodity in CA but not in those amounts.  My children were in Tahoe and could not find their car when they looked out the condo window.  They said the snow was awesome.

I had a lot of time to search for a wiring panel and harness for Lucy.  I have always used an Enos unit which I found to be very complete and has a nice cover over the board.  I thought I would see what else was available in the marketplace.  Names like Painless, Ron Francis, California Rewire and so on all offer a nice set up for $400 plus.  I liked to the look of the Centech panel that SO-CAL used to sell but I could not find who sells them around here.  I don’t see them in SO-CAL’s catalog or website.  I will do some more research and do an article on them on Wednesday.  Since it is raining everyday I thought wiring the roadster might be a good thing to do.  I have the aluminum panel installed behind the dash and all the lights, radio, and battery case installed so I should be able to proceed.  I like to wire a car as it allows you the ability to know where to look if something goes wrong.  This is fun.

I look at the HAMB everyday and today I really  enjoyed reading about the 34 roadster find in PA.  I sure would like to find one like this and in such good shape.  I know SAR has a super body but an original one would really be nice especially if affordable.  I know there is one hiding in some garage or backyard waiting for me so I will just keep searching.  Harvey are you reading this blog?

Stay Tooned!


Here is a photo of the Enos wiring panel.  Note the cover blends in with the firewall cover in this 40 sedan.  Brizio uses these panels in most of his cars.

Tim sent in some photos of his latest 40 coupe.  Note the shift lever indicator sticking out from the dash rather than on the column.  Neat idea.  The aftermarket wheel looks to be a 15 inch model which is much easier to drive for the little women.

This is really a sanitary trunk upholstery job.  The spare looks like it is mounted in the stock location.  The convertible lays flat on the floor taking up much room.

I have never used a detent plate but it sure make sense and looks easy to do.  This prevents the shifter from moving into unwanted gears without driver assistance.

If you really must have the flathead engine then you must make it look like this one.  The 8BA is a much better engine to build per some folks.  I know the ignition is far superior and easier to work on than the crab type.

Here is a later 46-48 heater with the A/C vents hidden behind the doors.  Walt has his stereo hidden behind his in the Green Woody.

This young man has the right combo and thinks like I do.  He is tall and that Deuce is just too small for the girl friend and I.  I believe this a Glendale pioneer.

I do know where this one is but it has been sitting there for over 30 years in a backyard not far from you.  Mint body and chassis.

In Ohio they are not quite as cherry but this one is going together with some patches and a little effort.

Today’s roadster…..dreaming!

Kirk White always has the best when it comes to hot rods.  I have never seen this one but I sure like everything about it.  The top is right on the money.

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