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Sometimes a project car can consume lots of our time and finances prior to completion. I am one who starts a project with a fairly comprehensive build plan, complete with all components, goals for each stage of the build and budget required. Like most of you, I run into some obstacles along the way that require deviation, but for the most part I try to follow the plan. Deviation normally comes from seeing something new during the build that I “gotta have” or I run across a great deal on a non-budgeted deal like a quick-change. Sound familiar? The longer the project takes the more deviation is likely to take place.

The trends in our hobby seem to come and go but for some, using old Ford parts, like in the “old days” is the only option. I enjoy both styles but as age takes its toll, the comfortable ride has become a top priority. My wife and I enjoy the numerous trips we take which are sometimes a few of hundred miles in duration and difficult to enjoy with a harsh ride. Here is where the deviation to use an IFS rather than an I-beam comes into play. Comfort items such as A/C, P/S, Tunes and the required GPS are also part of the equation that were never considered in the original Hot Rod build plan. Incorporating these items in our projects have become main stream for over the road Hot Rods. Remember in our youth, our Hot Rods were local drivers not long distance cruisers and bare bones was the best approach for the true Hot Rod.

Finally, building a simple Hot Rod to drive around town is a fun project and will keep you busy in your spare time.

Thought for the Day — Life’s journey is not always easy so expect delays and set-backs along the way but don’t give up on your dream.

Stay Tooned!



The HRG in MD has completed this stunning example of a 36 Ford roadster for a customer and the end result speaks for sticking to the build plan. We are starting to see a lot more of high end 36 roadsters as customers and builders decide on something different from a Deuce roadster. Hi-tech engines and undercarriages provide excellent drivability for the owner while maintaining the “Traditional Look”.


The large trunk area provides lots of space for some weekend travel baggage as well as a refreshment cooler. The 36 roadster makes a very nice looking ride when set up like this one.


In the early days of building Hot Rods most of us simply used old Ford components and salvage yards to complete the build. Mostly built in the driveway or garage they were the envy of every teenager who had a passion for Hot Rods. This is Tom Pollard’s famous 29 A-V8 ride. Many of today’s young enthusiasts really like this style and pay dearly for the parts.


Simplicity is building a Hot Rod that keeps the plan simple but unique enough to reveal the talent you have.


Building your idea of a famous old roadster seems to be real popular today. The plan has already been tested and the finished product is always a winner.


Starting with your own ideas can also produce an excellent example of a planned Hot Rod.


If you don’t want to go through the building process then purchasing a completed Hot Rod is the way to go. This mint 46 Ford convertible beauty is for sale and will make someone an instant driver. See the For Sale Section.

photo 3

Phil has been through the long project phase of building his dream Hot Rod and has decided to make changes to his ride without building a new Hot Rod. I like the new 5-spokes that replaced the Halibrands.


Cory can take an existing project, give it his touch and have it back on the road in a relatively short period of time.


Keeping it simple and traditional makes the build go real fast if you have the parts. Basically bolt them together.


A Hot Rod like this requires a complete build plan and craftsman who can duplicate the concept. Large amounts of $$$ are required for these dreams.

Roy's 7-9-2015 027

Even the hard core Hot Rodder sometimes gives in to the modern suspension in his very traditional ride. Roy builds a lot of this style.

Roy's 7-9-2015 037

Another project at Roy’s being completed according to the plan. Roy’s team can keep you heading in the right direction due to their vast experience in building Hot Rods that go down the road.

Roy's 7-9-2015 046 Roy's 7-9-2015 044

Roy is building a very high end project for a customer based on a Woody chassis with modern suspension but using an Ardun equipped flat motor for motivation. Note the cherry body and chassis. I am going to add one of those Cooling Components fans to Pepe.

Today’s Project Roadster


I love this phase of the project which takes me a long time. Keith does it in a week or so. (Ryan Photo — HAMB)


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