Monday’s Problems

The site has been down due to a crash of the entire system, including the backup drive. I am learning the hard way. The only pictures saved are on this site, so you may see some familiar pictures for a while. They are trying to recover the pictures, but no guarantee at $75 per hour. Good business.

On the positive side I attended the Monrovia car show this week end and it was exciting to see over 500 cars on the streets of this quaint little town.

Have a look.

Please send me any new photos you may have.

Stay Tooned!



Frantic Fred’s 54 Chevy, slammed and cool in the shade.


Very nice 5 window, real deal, nicely done high school hot rod…Remember this type of car, no BS!


A 3 window with a similar touch. Excellent sheet metal and chop…a little too much for me.


Sedan delivery in Ohio, needs a little finishing, but looks like a nice project, Lobeck chassis, etc.

Ebay this week. Glass car with the best money could buy. Looks good to me.

Sneak Peek


Bob and Sandy at Monrovia. That’s Bobs new sedan in the background.

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