Monday’s Prayers

It is a sad day today, as one of our regular lunch crowd buddies passed away over the week end. Ed Shakter was a very good friend and a true Street Rodder, Hot Rodder and Drag Racer. Ed loved most car events and was a very special person to me. He left us doing what he like to do most and I guess that is a good thing. Ed had a 40 Chevy coupe hot rod, a 29 hiboy roadster, and a T- bucket project. He worked most days on these cars since retiring about a year ago. Ed we will miss you, but here is a dream that may come true for your know.


Ed wanted a 46-48 Ford Convert and now he can have one.

On a lighter note, Bonneville Speed Week is over and it was successful. Detroit Deuce Days are concluded are were also very successful. Do you think they will do anything for the 1933 Ford? I might make that one. Here is a picture I found of one of my old Deuce 5 window coupes.


Circa 1976 Atlanta, GA, 327, 4 speed, sitting way high with ugly wheels. The car exits today just a you see it here.


Bill Metz 32 hiboy, same era, pre-Lobeck. Photo was taken in front of Bill’s shop.


Walt’s very nice SBC in his 46 Woody. He just re-did the Woody.

Sneak Peek


Chuck’s 32 Cab, he just keeps sending me these Deuces….WOW!

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