Monday’s Memories

The hot weather had me worried about the trip to the Outrider’s Picnic as we have had near 100 degree heat everyday this week. Pepe does well as long as we are moving but it is Sunday in LA and traffic is always heavy in the afternoon. The trip out was easy and I arrived early. The park was already starting to fill up with cars and I needed to park in the shade if possible. Walt guided me to a nice spot and Pepe was able to cool down in the morning air. The event is one of the most popular in LA and is always well attended by long time enthusiast’s. I had to be home to help my wife with her ice cream social so I made a strategic plan to see all the cars and take my photographs. I stopped several times to chat with old friends and some new ones through FB and Pewsplace. Lunch was served prior to noon so I was able enjoy the delicious tri-tip luncheon with all the trimmings. I would guess they serve over 2000 people at this event and do it right. Lines moves quickly and helpings are bountiful. After a quick lunch, I headed home and traffic was moving at 70 mph so things went smoothly for Pepe. Once again, the Outrider members did a fantastic job of organizing and planning for their 34th event. Congratulations for a job well done and thanks Walt.

The cars that attend this event are some of the best in LA, especially if you like early Fords. Lots of old time hot rods, customs and just plain quality hot rods. Here are a few that I liked.

Wavecrest is this Saturday which will be another epic event to end the summer season.

Stay Tooned!



The sun was shining all morning but the shade of the tree helped cool down Pepe from his 2 hour drive.


This UPI 5-window was on its maiden voyage and was a very nice owner built hot rod. Understated and attention paid to details including QC, bones and flathead mill. The paint was Flatz Blue which looked like primer. Nice car!


Another beautiful woody with wood by the “Master” — Chris Messano. The darker wood finish is to my liking.


I love this little cutie 36 Cabriolet with orange accented wheel caps.


The Miller boys had this beautiful 48 Sportsman parked under the shade trees way in the back of the park. They have a matching 46  wagon also.


Bill has his shop truck out for the event. Love the color!


Here is an oldie from the 80’s built by Whitey. He set the standard for 40 tudor sedans. The car still looks fresh.


I was walking in the back of the park and stumbled across this primo 33 sedan delivery. The sheet metal was flawless as was the black paint. This is a new one for me. I love it!


Jeff drove my favorite Moal built track roadster out to the event. This car has the look that many have tried to duplicate but never quite hit the mark as Steve and his crew did.


Sharon had her late husband Bob’s Boyd built tudor tub at the event. Built in the 80’s and looks as fresh as the day it rolled out of Boyd’s shop in Stanton.


I am not sure who owns this B-400 but I like it just like it is.


This is Reed country so Rick drove  his highly photographed Deuce for all to admire and drool. How does he master the stance to stand out in a sea of Deuces? You will walk by 10 wannabe Deuces to look at this one.


Rich parked his Dearborn Deuce next to Rick for a nice comparison in different styles. Ryan did some work on this one also.


The master of stance drove his personal 37 coupe to show that he not only does Deuces, but “Fat Girls” also. His eye for color coordination has been proven over and over on his builds.


Eric left his Deuce at the shop and drove his long time friend (43 years) 55 Chevy with his Real wheels.


Terry’s perfect 51 Mercury always is a crowd pleaser and did the same today.


The front end really has the look of the early customs of my era.

Today’s Pick


Scott has made his sedan all his from when he purchased it a few years ago. I fell in love all over again with Gary’s old Deuce tudor sedan. Wheels, tires, Halibrand Champ, chrome front suspension and much more make it a true winner in my book.


Note how nice the Buick drum – 40 brakes fit within the offset of the wheel. Looks fantastic instead of sticking  out in the wind.


You can barely see the big polished Champ but it is right below the license plate. The chop is 3 1/2″.

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