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2015 started off with a couple of great days for Pewsplace. New Year’s Day was celebrated by taking a cruise with the Early Times, who lead us to four great shops in the Valley. The wife and I really enjoyed the tour and the hospitality shown by all who opened their doors on New Year’s Day. We saw many unique projects at Hollywood Hot Rods, Old Crow Speed Shop, West Coast Kustoms and finally at the King of customizing, Barris Kustoms. The final stop was at Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake for some great food and camaraderie with other enthusiasts who were on the tour. Thanks to the Early Times for planning another great event for this long time SO-CAL car club.

The wife and I headed out the next day to view the Rose Bowl floats which we have been doing for many years. I know you can watch them on the TV, but seeing them up close with thousands of your closest friends is priceless. Being a sponsor for many years, I can relate to the work involved to build one of these floats and make everything work. If you ever have the chance to see them up close, don’t miss the opportunity. The flowers are amazing as well as the overall design of each float. Sort of like looking at Deuces at the LARS in June. Each one is a little different and inspiring.

January is a busy month for Pewsplace. We are getting Pepe ready for the GNRS and preparing for our annual house guest. I have the door stripped to where I know I can’t paint it myself. Bob-O has made arrangements for his friend to finish what I started – so the clock is ticking to have it done in time for the show. I am also touching up the front chin and raising up the front end a couple of inches. I like the look, but it is just too low to drive as often as I do. I have also been coordinating the 40 is 75 display at this years GNRS. We have 40 cars to represent the wonderful Forty Ford. Make sure if you are attending, to stop and see these fabulous and favorite old Fords that Hot Rodder’s have been worshiping forever.

The year should be full of excitement for all of us who have a love affair with our cars. Don’t miss a single – event even if it means you have to put forth some extra effort.

Stay Tooned!




We started off early at our normal place and grabbed a fresh “Senior Decaf” to head out on the road. The wives joined us for this special day.


Bruce drove his Ardun powered 3 window which is also one of my favorites. We were early so we headed to Noah’s for some more Java and a Bagel. Diets don’t start on New Years Day do they?


HHR had a unique Deuce with 33 doors and dual cowl vents installed. I think this one is slated for the GNRS but not sure.


HHR do some amazing metal work and everything looks like it was a designer piece of work. This was a Deuce 3 window with a 34 front cowl.


The roof and door opening has been greatly modified to obtain the look they were after. Note the peaked front top and roof.


West Coast Kustoms hosts keep us informed of all that is going on in their brand new state of the art facility. This is one high tech operation and I wish them all the success in the future.


Here is an example of their work. This whole facility is spotless and made for perfect TV shows. All of us would be proud to own a facility like this which has everything you need to complete a hot rod in house.


Dave and I had a conversation with George about Mandy Holder who we knew in Springfield, IL and also owned a stunning 51 Mercury convertible that George and Sam built in the 50’s. He remembered him and said Mandy worked for him while the car was being built. He blessed all of us. What a trip!


HHR built another Deuce RPU with the Ford “Heavy”. The use of dimple dies is employed in all of their metal work.

tour 32 009

We will be doing some cruising with the Roadsters and Back Road Boys in 2015.

breakfast tour #2 004

Sometimes we have to help Dick and Don out of their roadsters but they are die hard Deuce guys.


I love bare metal cars so send me so of your photos of work in progress.


I am still a big fan of the model 40 and after 35 years the owner has put this masterpiece on the road.


I am Dreaming Big this year and hoping someone/club will start the Reliability Run for Roadsters in the LA area.

 2015 Projects


Jim has Andre (my old delivery) well on his way to becoming a star delivery. He painted it the original color and had his ace body and paint man, Paul Hermann in GAllatin, TN do all the work.


Bob like Pepe’s EFI and added his own to this SBC which develops over 500 HP….WOW!




He replaced the rear wood and added a nice gas tank beneath the floorboards. The wheelwels have also been widened a tad to fit in those big 255 tires.




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