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I was informed that the prestigious LA Roadster Show has been sold to John Buck. John, as you know, is the man behind the GNRS held in January of each year. I don’t know the details, but I’m sure the he will make it an epic event as he has the GNRS. He is a member of the LA Roadsters so I’m sure they picked the right person to sell it to. For all of us who have attended this event over the years, we are hopeful that it will continue to attract roadster lovers world wide. I have worked with John and know he will use his business acumen to make the show a success. Hopefully, there will be a press release announcing the change and future plans. The tradition must be carried forward and I wish him all the success in putting his touches to the long standing tradition in Southern California.

Pewsplace also has some news to share with you. I have sold my 33 roadster project to a friend who I was building it for. I found a nice coupe body that he has been wanting, so he can now do his thing to finish it. I will bring you updates as he progresses with the build. At 75 years old, I am still working in the garage and will start on a Deuce chassis that I have in inventory. Not sure of a body style yet, but it will not have fenders or a top and will seat four. My friend in MN thinks Brookville needs to put Deuces on birth control to reduce the ever expanding inventory. I doubt that will ever happen, even as the age of most Deuce lovers enters the golden years. Roadster lovers will continue to build their style of roadsters be that a track nose racer, hiboy ( both prewar and hi-tech style) or full fendered models.

Comfort in driving the 27-32’s as we age becomes more difficult for the over the road events we seem to attend. Local events are easy and most can endure the cramped quarters of the roadster for the 100 mile trip. In LA, we will put a couple of hundred miles on a local event and endure serious traffic congestion doing so. The love of the roadster, along with the with the wind in your face, the road noise close at hand and the thumbs up of the passer-byes — will continue to increase the adrenaline level of the driver. Long live the roadsters and the Los Angeles Roadster Show.

Stay Tooned!


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I wonder if the new show will allow bare metal beauties in one of the buildings or outside areas?


The same goes for primered roadsters which I really like. With the high cost of paint this change would make sense to me.


I wonder if they will have a judged show at this event for the Professional builders?


A small show might be nice in one of the buildings. Not all of them…roadsters only?


I would love to see some area dedicated to famous roadster clubs other than, but including the LA Roadsters.

Maybe even organize a run on Friday!


Roadster builders, both professional and backyard put their roadster projects in one building.


The roadster parking needs to be addressed as the walking distance to see all of them is difficult.


The layout of the Fairgrounds has changed over the years and so has the roadster display. John will have some ideas for an improved display area.


Early morning arrival for spectator parking also needs addressed as many cars overheat waiting for long periods of time to enter the show.



Perhaps a giveaway project roadster(s) to be awarded on Sunday for spectators and roadster entries would help Sunday attendance.


A short concert on Sunday of Rock Stars would keep the folks coming back on Sunday.

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