Monday’s New Year 2009

It is that time of year again….planning and making decisions on what we want to accomplish in the new year. I always write a list and set timetables for completion. I check them monthly to see if I am on track and adjust accordingly. I am sad to say last year I did not meet my number one goal of completing my Hot Rod. I have a lot of excuses but will save you the pain. In 2009 I am going to drive to the LA Roadster show in a Hot Rod, not a truck. I will enjoy the show without selling stuff in the swap meet area. Having said that here is my plan. I am going to purchase a done car and enjoy it as it is. The projects will just have to wait and maybe go away. My wife is encouraging me to do this. that as clean out the junk in the garage.

As I mentioned last month my good friend Steve found me a very nice 40 tudor that I am considering, but I am also looking at a couple of other 40 Fords.

Stay Tooned.

Here are some photos from Eastwood’s Horseless Carriage Show which was great and well attended this year.

Tomorrow I will feature some old 34 Ford photos sent to me by a couple of Johns. Not that kind.

Happy New Year to all of you and may your dreams come true.


Cold morning, but lots of cars and people. This is a must attend event for me. Pete does a great job and has a huge following.


Bruce Meyer drove his 1929 Duzey for everyone to droll over. Jay Leno drove the big blue next to Bruce. Both of these enthusiasts drive their multimillion dollar cars everywhere and fit right in with the crowd. You must see these cars to appreciate their beauty.


Front view of the Duzey. The paint was flawless and the top looks chopped.


Here are my buddies Bob and Bill in their Woodies. The cool 3 window joined in for the Hot Rod look.


1912 Model T Ford was very nice. Pete loves T’s.


For you 34 Ford fans here is a nice patina Cabriolet that parked in the gravel. My friend John has a nice going together.


A beautiful restoration of an early HD side car motorcycle was in attendance. This was a perfect restoration of a very rare bike.


Groomer had his perfect black 40 coupe in attendance. He has owned this since 1972. Flathead powered. Steve take notes on this one. I am sure you know Mike.


Yes, their was a stock 1932 Ford roadster in the show. Very nice Washington blue with black fenders.



I keep finding them. This 1939 convertible sedan is available and waiting for someone to make it nice…maybe me.

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