Monday’s Myopic Vision

I, for the most part, tend to look at the current and past trends when dreaming about hot rods. My ability to see things in the distant future is often clouded by love of the past. We can all relate to things we have experienced and dealt with but how many of us can look into the future and realize what lies ahead for our passion for old cars and hot rods. In California, we have the DMV, who would like to see old cars removed from the highways in favor of more hybrid vehicles. Registration issues often prevent a person from enjoying his vehicle after or during the build time. Higher cost of building a hot rod today has many enthusiast looking for alternative ways to spend their disposable income. The list goes on and on but the die hards always seem to find a way to build and drive their hot rods. If I could see into the distance, here are ten predictions that I see possible:


1. The cost of painting, upholstery, fabrication and other operations will continue to rise to record levels in the future. Household  incomes will lag inflation and reduce the number of options for most of us — especially retirees.

2. Shops specializing in building cars will continue to change their business model to stay in business which could put a dampener on traditional built hot rod growth.

3. Reproduction bodies will be the norm and in 20 years sellers will claim the bodies are original — which in their mind, they are.

4. Modification to cars will change to late models as the demographics change for the hobby. Federal and Local governments will enforce stricter rules for modifications to automobiles.

5. Promotors will continue to attract car enthusiasts and vendors to their events by catering to select groups and segments of the industry as a whole. SEMA’s Hot Rod Alley may change their name to Performance Enhancement Alley.

6. Publishers of Automotive magazines will be replaced with on-line news about the hobby. Social networks will carry live streams from events all over the world that you can see on your new watch or smart phone. Facebook is already in that mode.

7. The value of today’s hot rods will decline drastically in the next 10 years. (I hope I am wrong on this one.)

8. Men and women of all ages will continue their love affair with the automobile regardless of any of the above predictions.

9. New events for modified cars will initiated as the demand grows for a certain segment of the market which includes racing of  all kinds. For example, the NASCAR, SCORE, NSRA, Goodguys, Corvette, Camaro, Mustang and Cobra organizations my be replaced with other automotive groups that are popular with the generation who purchases some newer models. A Hybrid race or Solar powered race event is not new news. I was on the team when GM built the first Solar powered racer, “The Sunraycer”.

10. Future cars will no longer be called Hot Rods, Street Rods or Muscle cars due to public perception and Government intervention into our world of Modified cars. I think the future terminology for our style cars will be “Personalized Cars”.

If you have any vision of what lies ahead, please share it with me and I will let my readers, who have myopic vision like I do, with what to expect.

Have a wonder week!

Stay Tooned!


Van 046

My friend, George, is almost ready to send his delivery to the upholstery shop, therefore, the front fenders are not installed. I predict this will be a real show stopper when completed.

Van 051

The delivery has the Winters QC peeking out from under the gas tank. George built this in his home garage with a little help from his friends. Nice work, George!

goodguys2014 002

Steve shot this delivery at P-Town over the weekend. A very rare model that has always been popular with the Deuce crowd.

photo 1

Another rare model going together is this Deuce Victoria with some minor body work completed and sitting on a new chassis. George has one of these waiting her turn after the delivery.

photo 2

Surprise, a Dodge Red Ram is the selected power plant for this Vicky.

goodguys2014 004

Ray had another delicious 40 standard at P-Town this weekend. He seems to thrive on these cars and will be catching up with Tim if he keeps going.

goodguys2014 011

Roy was outside this year with a gathering of his numerous built cars on display. This Ferrari powered 33 was AMBR a few years ago.

goodguys2014 015

Steve loved this 39 convert with the blown flathead engine. SAR built this beauty in their Portland facility.

goodguys2014 014

The quality of cars coming out of SAR is second to none. Not cheap, but quality never is. Do you drive these on the street for every day use? Some folks do.

goodguys2014 016

Steve and I have similar taste when it comes to trucks and cars. This Robin Egg Blue 56 BBW is a rolling beauty.

goodguys2014 022

Steve knows I love the model 40 and thought to capture this one this weekend. The car looks pretty stock with a dropped axle and steel wheels.

goodguys2014 032

Steve wanted this one and so did I a few years ago. Roy built the 33 for a customer who decided he didn’t like it and put it up for sale. Wescott, Sid, Brizio chassis and assembly, makes it a desirable hot rod. $65K

goodguys2014 019

Steve told SAR to deliver this starter kit to my house. I din’t think they were producing the roadster anymore. I do know where two bodies are sitting in the LA area but are not for sale. Looks like a P&J chassis with welded rails not stamped.

Monday’s Hiboys at P-Town 

goodguys2014 037

Long time pal, Tom, had his hiboy parked in the Deuce area on Saturday. He has owned this car since he was 16 years old. He maintains a fleet of hot rods by himself and they are always spotless. I love his top profile which he made.

goodguys2014 026

Tom’s life long buddy, Steve, had his new hiboy parked in his display (Moal’s) for everyone to inspect and drool.

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