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The discussion today is concerning SiriusXM radio in your hot rod. I am a big fan of the XM station and have enjoyed the sounds in my personal cars for many years. I have been wanting to install a system in my hot rod but I was not all that sure of what I needed to do. I did some searching on the net and found more than I wanted to know. Since the merger, you must select which radio head you want to install. Each company, even though merged, choose to use their own satellites rather than offering one package. I prefer the XM set up so that is what the following story is about. You can do a search and find out anything else you need to know.

Some of my friends have the system in their hot rods and struggled with the location of the unit and the antenna. I will use the Alpine unit that offers the XM choice in their radio units and it comes with a XM receiver and mushroom antenna. You can also purchase a wireless antenna that glues to your window but I have not had much luck with anything wireless except my iphone. The delivery has a lot of space under the rear floor which will keep everything hidden. A remote provides the driver with all the controls at his disposal while laying on the floor or front seat.

The antenna is another story. I called my friend Gary, who has the system in his woody and the antenna mounting location he came up with is really nice looking and not obtrusive to the overall car design like the shark fins mounted on new cars.

I really like the XM on long trips where there is very little reception, like the I-5 to San Francisco. They have some deals if you are a current subscriber but you need to ask and negotiate. As I always say…

Stay Tooned!


I thought Gary did a super job of locating his SiriusXM antenna on his woody. A real clean bracket mounts the mushroom model and the wire runs through the tail light loom.  Very nice.

He mounted the radio XM head in the glove compartment in a cradle. He can remove and connect it to another car or even in the house.

Dick has put a personal touch on his new 3 window coupe. He added the artillery wheels, driving lights and some interior changes. Dick shoost great photos of his cars.

He has added some woodgraining to the dash and window frames to add some old time flavor to the coupe. I would bet he did the woodgraining himself as he is quite a talented designer.

I received some photos of the beautiful hand built aluminum Willys. The car was built for Walt Austin at Jim Hume’s shop in Washington. Do you think the cars are in the staging state? I pick the Willys.

This view shows the beautiful hand sculptured  body and smooth flowing lines of the Willys.  Note the rear wheel and tire combination. The Deuce is wondering.. “what is that car next to me”.

Willys requires lots of hp and this blown Hemi has all it needs to move this light weight car down the strip/street.

The interior is all business and full of hand crafted aluminum panels and pieces. Thanks Tim for the photos.

Since I am working on my chassis, I thought you might like to see some really great work.  How about the detail on this deuce chassis! The removable dimpled steering access plate is priceless and very functional.  See the HAMB.

Today’s Favorite!

Rex in Colorado can save any Deuce you bring him at Custom Auto. He needs help with wheel selection but not body work.

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