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The combination of Deuces and Forties has always been a Hot Rodder’s dream of owning two of Henry’s finest Hot Rods. In the early days, a Deuce roadster was out of the reach of most of us but a nice Forty coupe could be had for a few hundred dollars. I still like both of these models and probably always will. The popularity of the 40/41 Ford pickup has been gaining in recent years and the prices have been rising to some record highs for finished units. The available aftermarket parts combined with a good supply of cabs make it a simple build. The hardest part to find are the rear fenders. They can command a big dollars for a nice pair. The cabs are very tight like a Deuce but still are desirable for short hauls. I prefer the delivery but I would consider building a pickup in the future.

The pickup will have to wait as I have been making great progress on my chassis for Bob. I have learned a lot about round tubing and how to make it fit together for welding. It is much harder than square tubing but I prefer the looks of the round tubing. I started the boxing this weekend and completed the brake pedal mounting today. Next I will be installing the engine and transmission for final welding of the mounts.

As we enter into the final months of 2015, I start to think about the GNRS in January (29th) and who is building a roadster to bring to the show. I hope to bring you some pre-show entries prior to that date. I never seem to grow tired of going to the show and seeing the latest from the greatest.

Stay Tooned!




After a car accident, this little roadster was in bad shape as was the owner. Determination by both injured parties resulted in a full recovery with the help of some talented people. Deuce lovers just seem to stick together and accomplish the task at hand. I do like yellow roadsters.


You don’t see many chopped 40 pickups but this one has a great profile that grabs you as you walk by. A second look inside is always mandatory on a chopped 40.  There isn’t much room inside to begin with but somehow they still drive them.


Bob likes his cars chopped and his 40 shows the result of taking out about 4 inches. The truck is finished in his mind and he drives it often.


Another friend really likes to modify his 40’s by adding suicide doors and airbags for radical looks.


You could order black fenders on 40 Fords and while very few were sold they do have a different look.


Perfect 50’s styling and overall appearance make this Robin Egg Blue 40 a nice ride.


If you prefer the darker shade of Blue then this 41 might be more your style.


A nice shop truck doesn’t need paint to do your daily hauling duties.


The standard Black with Red wheels will always be popular. Add a SBC and you have a wonderful driver.


CMG 40 pickups are my favorite color for the little truck. Hood up means your car will be judged.


The paint on this one really is outstanding as you can see by the shadows in the door and hood.


I started with a Deuce and ended with a super straight 40 coupe. A perfect pair for you Deuce and Forty guys.

Today’s Photo


I have only seen a couple of these “Utes” in my time but they are sure an eye catcher for 40 lovers.

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