Monday’s Moonlight Beach Review

The weekend was filled with activity and loads of fun. Saturday morning we headed down to Wavecrest with the group for an action packed day looking at woodies. The highest number we saw was 215 and I think we looked at all of them. Walt was one of the judges so we carefully looked at every woody for the various classes of awards. He and I both like a red 51 woody with high detail and expert execution of a hot rod woody. It is really hard to select just one as it is purely subjective with no rules to go by. I like it that way. The event was well organized as usual and well attended by woody owners and spectators like me. We left around 2:30 PM hoping to miss the traffic but that didn’t happen. A normal 2 hour drive ended up taking 4 hours but it was worth the anxiety of the I-405 freeway.  I would like to thank all of you who stopped by and said hello. I was very honored to have you do so. I would also like to thank Bill from Nova Scotia who presented me a very attractive 37 Woody plaque. We have two more woody events left for the year, October Wood in Dana Point and the Malibu Christmas parade. We have had a great year of woody events at some extremely nice venues. Maybe next year I can have my own woody.

College and professional football teams are in full swing which means I can work weekends in the garage and watch football. This keeps my body and mind active. My teams are not doing that well so I won’t brag, but the season is just starting. We have two college teams, UCLA and USC but no professional teams to root for. I normally select the 49r’s but the Chargers may come to town next year so I will cheer for both of them and hope Denver wins.

Garage work today consisted of making the passenger side frame motor mount in 100° weather. Everything went smoothly and I will make the engine side tomorrow. Staying focused seems to work well for me in accomplishing goals I set for myself. I make a list and try to do the three most important items each day. Prioritizing the list is essential or you will be overwhelmed with just a long list of “to do” items. I must make a parts run in the morning and then can work in the afternoon. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Stay Tooned!



Bill presented me with this very detailed 37 Woody plaque. I will hang this in my Woody section of the garage and maybe the Wood Gods will deliver me a 40 woody this winter. A 37 will be just fine.


Walt set up the USC pop-up on the slope so we could all keep the sun off our skin. The slope was too much for most of us and we needed some engineering to make it all work. Dave’s 50, Bill’s 51 and Walt’s 37 made the trip and we drove our family car.


We park on the street rather than the lot because it is a lot less crowded, easy to set up camp and leave when you want to. The day was perfect at Moonlight Beach.


The Pancake breakfast and Taco lunch was served in this new covered section of the beach. We eat in town at the 101 and Dave brings the best tri-tip lunch you could ever ask for. Thanks Dave and Walt.


Early morning shows the woodies had been parked in the lot for a couple of days with covers over them. This is the ocean side area which is staked out by Tuesday before the meet on Saturday.


This 34 was a 1000 point restoration and deserved a second look. I love the color.


A purely stock dash is seldom seem in most woodies but this 34 was perfect.


Town and Country convertibles and sedans were out in force this year. This was a beauty.


Jane loved the color and interior in this stunning example of a Town and Country Woody.


The interior was stock with luxurious upholstery and art deco dash appointments.


I was surprised to see my old friend Phil from Dwight, IL with his stunning 46 woody on display. It was one of my favorites.


Andy, of BHM, drove his long time companion down from Malibu for the weekend. He has owned this one for over 40 years and redone it several times.


A rare 42 woody showed up and was well received by the owners.


Rich and I looked at this project being done by Ron Heiden for a customer. A lot of work so far and lots more to go. I think Woody Bob has a couple of cowls for sale.


A beautiful 37 was shining in the sunlight with a full description of the work done on the restoration.


This primo 39 was a nice ride and had a lot of lookers during the day. I am not sure of the asking price but it was not that bad for this year.


Some owners go all out in showing their collections of Woody items. He had the best seat in the house.

Walt’s Choice


A very modified shoebox with almost every panel reshaped and made to have perfect gaps.


Th LS3 was covered with a custom metal shroud which flowed into the radiator.


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