Monday’s Mood — Louisville

August brings us the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, KY. The event is taking place with the approval of the Governor and the Mayor. The BLM protest and COVID -19 continue to bring danger to those who attend. I’m sure the attendance will be down from the 12,000 cars last year. From reading, it appears you will be required to wear a mask to enter the fairgrounds and the building exhibits. Social distancing will be difficult with large crowds but should be practiced where possible.

Crowds are always hard to control at major events but will be in most people’s minds who attend. CA has limits on group sizes but is not enforced to a great extent. I see lots of car gatherings of 20-30 cars going someplace each weekend. The Santa Barbara Woodie Club had an event with 30 plus cars and it seemed to go well for those who attended. Common sense should be used to keep you safe.

We will see how Louisville plays out and I wish all of you who attend a safe and enjoyable time with your Hot Rods.

Hot Rods have been part of my life for many years and while I’m on the back nine, I still enjoy them while I can. My current health issues prevent me from doing while I love, I will continue to collect photos and write my blog. Enjoy August by driving your Hot Rod whenever you can.

Stay Tooned,


Hot Rods

This nicely restored 46 woodie is offered at $50K. The prices sure have dropped over the past year.

Wes Collins clone see the HAMB

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