Monday’s Mood (Lets build something old)

I couldn’t be happier that both the 49er’s and the Chargers made the playoffs. I tried to work in the garage and watch football but found myself sitting more than working. I am a Bronco’s fan but will have to cheer for the 49er’s next weekend. I did manage to build a trial set of an X-member that I am making for a friend. I am using a 2 x 5 3/4 C channel that I had left over from Lucy. The hard part is bending the legs without some sort of jig. Tomorrow, I will head over to the sheet metal shop and see what they can do for me. I am working with Mr. Bill to help him build a chassis using real “Old School” ideas that we have never used before; Drilled front bones, 36 rear bones, X member (similar to a 35-40 Ford), Lincoln brakes and a host of other ideas he has. I know we could dial 1-800 and buy the new stuff which is probably better but we have been there and done that, so now, “Thinking outside the box,” we are looking back. We both have a collection of old Hot Rod books that are full of ideas that were used in the 40’s and 50’s. The only concession will be a 327 rather than an expensive flathead. I have the engine that was going in Andre but it will now go in his car. I hope to get started on collecting all of the parts this week prior to starting the build.

For those of you who follow Facebook, I will be adding that link to my site this week or as soon as my son makes it happen. I think yo will be surprised at how many traditional car guys and shops are on Facebook. It’s free so sign up today and request a friendship with Pewsplace.

Bob-O and I are going to do some shop and garage crawls this month and I hope to take some photos of new cars being built for the 50th LARS Anniversary show in June. As I mentioned earlier, 2014 should be a banner year for Hot Rod Activity in LA. The New Petersen Museum is undergoing a transformation which is sure to be controversial by some of us, but only time will tell. SRM’s editor Brian, wrote a great editorial in this month’s issue (March) in which he describes what I have been preaching over the past few years…..”The Times they are a Changing”. I think he analyzed it perfect and we need to adjust our views to keep the flame burning. Their will always be a following for the Iconic Deuce and 1940 Ford.

Have a wonderful week and stay warm.

Stay Tooned!


2014 could bring you a Deuce like this one at Canepa’s. It’s only money.

Your standard high end interior would provide maximum comfort on the road to the beach.

If you prefer fenders then this is one you might like in 2014. Mark has one of the best around. Nice!

Stance is perfect as is the McGee styled top. I am not sure about the rear but I think it’s and early banjo unit.

If you grew up in Detroit you knew Al Maynard as he always had nice cars and this one was his pride and joy. Yes, it was high in the front in the 60’s and he was a racer.

Coming together nicely in the land down under is this nice hiboy model 40. Note fenders.

For all of you in the snow country, this Bass built beauty should make you smile. That’s what I’m talking about.

This photo is worth a 1000 words. Brian, who cleans the chrome axle housings?

My friend Jim is building a Mullins trailer to tow behind his woody. This one looks good with the Deuce lights and homemade (37?) bumper.

This one sold in one week and is now back in CA. I am beginning to like the standards. Tim and Gary can build these in their sleep.

Future Projects!

Note the neat fixture for sleeving the holes in these Speedway bones. Neat work bench also. We will be using 40 bones or 34 if we can find some.

Here is a good idea from the HAMB. Make your X-member out of heavy paper stock and then transfer to metal. Any good sheet metal shop can make them for you very reasonable.

Bass built rear axle, using ladder bars, looks good and when using 40 housings is an excellent idea. We will use pull out axles with late model bearings.

Here is another style we considered using the 36 bones (reinforced) on a 9 inch Ford, circa 1957 SW.

IHRS uses the X-member and a CE brake set-up. They added the clutch slave cylinder to this one. No room for exhaust on this one. I like the step-boxing and nice welding. They do good work.

The chief engineer on our project was doing a little cleaning over the holidays.

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