Monday’s Mood

I have been busy with the PT so my body hurts to much to set down and type. I did manage to pickup a new frame that a friend gave me and now have it stored under the 48 convert. Very little progress to report as last week was spent at the doctors. Old age is sure fun. This is a busy week car wise as the NSRA Nationals in Bakersfield and the PRC are both this weekend. If the body is up to the task I will take in both and post pictures.

My favorite 1932 Ford Tudor sedan, or one of them, is on ebay today. This car has quite a history and I am sure will bring the big bucks. I can’t afford it but it sure looks good, but probably not drivable. Have a look under 1932 Fords. I first saw this car at Pleasanton several years ago and he continually updates it with new wheels and tires. I like the painted steelies with pin drives.

Stay Tooned!



Foley’s nice sedan on ebay today.


Another shot at P-town with ET-III’s.


GNRS hiboy just finished in 2006 by Crouse in Denver.

Two of my favorites sedans.

Pasadena Roadster Club outing in the past with Spencer car. What was the year? Maybe Bruce will bring it this year.



Benny Bootle’s very nice 40 delivery being auctioned off after all these years. I hope it goes to a good home.


1940 Tudor on ebay this week. Looks good, but not bringing the bucks. Economy!



Always at the head of the line a beautiful, real deal 34 hiboy. I can’t wait.

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