Monday’s Mood

Great weekend in LA. Sunday proved to be super as I headed out to the donut shop for my morning coffee. No, I didn’t have a donut. When I arrived there were 20 hot rods or more waiting for the NSRA Safety Inspection crew to inspect their vehicle. Well, I phoned the wife and told her to come down as I would be there for a while. She said O.K., which means I had a good hour before she would arrive. Women never can come right away, especially to a Hot Rod car show. Several of my friends were there so the morning passed quickly. My wife did arrive just in time to see a beautiful black full fendered Deuce with a nutmeg interior. Alan Wray, a local upholstery guy and his wife brought their car to the inspection. Alan builds a new car every two years and they are always very well done and detailed to the max. The Deuce was a stretched version, 2 inches, of a Rod Bod Body. You have to look twice, but it really makes a difference in the seating space. I didn’t have my camera so pictures will come later.

Stay Tooned!


1940 Coupes



Tim’s recent purchase. Nice solid 40 coupe for a Tim rebuild soon.


Tim’s sons blue 40 being rubbed out prior to upholstery and detail. This one should be real nice.


Side profile showing white walls and red steelies.


$$$ Cow Palace show last month. If you could purchase a part and chrome it this one had it all. Nice car.


Lou told me thay had coupes in Idaho and here is his. Nice cloud mist gray or close, maybe Yosemite green?



Brizio built delivery with 39 front end. What do you think? I love the Sid’s interior in this car. Needs to be dropped in the front to be right. Steve Miller Band vehicle from Idaho.

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