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Ford sedans have long been a favorite of Hot Rodder’s and those who seek additional room for the growing family. My first child led me to a sedan due to all the room they had for the baby stuff required while growing up. I couldn’t find a Deuce so I purchased a really nice 34 Tudor in New Orleans.

I have had several sedans including Deuces, Model ’40s, and Forties. We enjoyed all of them over the years but now that the family has left us, we are back to loving the roadster. Jane and I have had lots of good times in Poppy and others we have owned over the years. There is something about an open car that excites both of us.

With the Holidays coming up please be careful during family gatherings. The terrible Covid-19 is spreading like a wild fire during the cold weather. We have friends who have not made it through the Pandemic so watch yourself and your surroundings.

Today, I will feature some new and old sedans for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy them as I do.

Stay Tooned!


Hot Rods

I owned one Vicky in my string of cars but favored the roadster so I traded it to Mike Martens.
The hiboy sedans always caught my eye and still do.
One of several 40 sedans I have owned.
Scott’s sedan is a favorite of many in LA. He has refined the Cornhusker built sedan to reflect his taste.
Take a 4dr, add wood and you have a nice sedan.
Lindig’s 33 is a real sleeper with LS power.
HRG built this stunning sedan using old school parts.
My old sedan still looks good after all these years.
The sedan delivery makes a nice family car when you add a seat in the back.
Your basic rest–rod looks period correct for the 70’s.
Four doors have become popular in recent years.
Steadfast has made a name for himself by building this sedan for his family.
A simple approach to building a killer sedan is this beauty from AZ.
Stock height isn’t bad looking either.
Geoff ddi some nice work on this sedan.
I don’t think this one ever got finished but I liked the initial start in R&C.
Yes, even the 34 more door looks good.
Tim built a 46 sedan delivery that was super straight.
I looked at this low mileage original and was tempted.
Work in process was in super shape metal wise.

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