Monday’s Mood

The road ahead of us may not be as uncertain in 2021 as we have a new president-elect taking over the leadership of our great country. Most of us have suffered in one way or the other and are looking for some relief in our lives. I was raised to think change is not always for the good but change is inevitable.

My love of the automobile and the events associated with the vehicle have been greatly affected during 2020. Consequently, we have not been able to enjoy our hobby and cars as in the past. I hope the solution to the pandemic will come very soon. Promoters and enthusiasts have had to adjust their schedules and budgets to hang on during these trying times. Our support will be greatly appreciated during the coming year.

I seem to be stalled in my efforts in working on Blue. I have some health issues (RA) & age that are still causing a delay with my physical capabilities. My mind is fine and I have all the required tools but unable to convince my body to go ahead and do the task at hand. I admire people of my age who can still crawl under cars, weld and fabricate, and assemble their projects.

Pewsplace has a large following and I try to answer all questions I receive. I also listen to suggestions about what vehicles to feature. Most of you know, that have followed me all these years, that my love are roadsters and open wheeled cars from the 30’s. Please continue to send me your photos and I will include them.

Hopefully the new year will bring our Back Road Boys some new adventures and maybe some new members. Our members are all in their late sixties and 70’s. Cars are 30’s and 40’s with some late models. The purpose is to enjoy our outings using our old cars as transportation.

Finally, the last two months bring us the much-celebrated holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The normally joyous months maybe hampered a little by the pandemic but keep positive and stay safe.

Stay Tooned!


Hot Rods

Roy converted a Dearborn Deuce into a roadster.
My first Deuce was a 5W. I like this style for a coupe.
The 37 Woodie is a sought after wagon.
1940 Converts are special to me. I have owned 3 of them.
A Bonneville chop makes it a Bad Boy.
Your basic 34 hiboy roadster works for me.
Dave’s second convert is a tail dragger.
The Vicky is a unique design for a Deuce sedan. One of the best right here.
Deuce sedan hoboes are one of my favorites.
Mark the date January 13, 2021
Two yellow roadsters that cruise the streets of LA.
My first Deuce sedan. Mint body which was chopped 3″ in the 50’s
How it looked when I brought it home.
Unchopped 34 coupe looks good.
Another hiboy 5W from Rex.
Dual deliveries.
I have been looking for one of these shoebox convertibles.
Just right and red.
A 1936 roadster makes a really nice hot rod.
The Wescott hiboy Phaeton is one of my loves also.

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