Monday’s Mood

As snow starts to fall in some parts of the country, Rodder’s start to think about what to do during the down time. Many have purchased a new project and or upgrades for their current ride. They will be busy in their heated garage or some shop having them installed.

The economy has taken its toll on some shops and also some jobs that support our hobby. This has caused some to sell their hot rods and maybe ride it out until the economy improves. This has been a very hard year for many who enjoy our hobby. I wish all the best of luck in the remainder of the year and 2021.

My RA has improved so that I am able to do some work with my hands (limited) and have been getting the new rear end ready for painting and assembly. I chose a Chassis Engineering kit to install the unit in Blue. Gordon donating a pair of springs and Heidts now has all of the CE parts available. I will have everything ready to go in another month or so.

We all dream about our next ride and I’m no different. I still want another 33 roadster as my last ride and continue to search for parts and a suitable body; dreams are what keeps me going. “Remember you’re never too old to dream another dream”.

As we head into the holiday season, our attention turns to family and enjoying the best of the season. The pandemic makes it difficult to enjoy being in groups so this year it will probably be done using Zoom as the media. This seems to be the new normal.

Stay Safe.

Stay Tooned!


Hot Rods

This beautiful photo came from a friend overseas.
Dave Love has built his dream roadster and has the doors in red oxide primer now.
Terry purchased my 33 and finished it as I would have done.
These beautiful top irons, made out of stainless just came on the market and were priced at $1600. Neil Gates used to charge the same only included the bows.
I like the top on this convertible. Some are just not right for my eye if they are left stock.
Jim has had his hobo for a long time and is one of my favorites.
Saw this cutie at the LARS a few years back and fell in love.
A happy day for me when I picked up Blue.
Looks like a nice garage mate for Blue. Both are 46’s.
Jim has one of the nicest 34 Phaetons around. He has a matching Mullins trailer he pulls with the car.
Tim found his dream and will be building it during the winter months.
There are a lot of Deuce Delivery’s being built today

He is the McCray kit to install in your sedan.
Dave has his 3W well on his way to being completed. LS engine with dress up kit.
Note Moal chassis with erosion bars.
The 33 Phaeton is one my favorites.
I used to work at a Mobil station when in high school. Never saw one of these roadsters in Decatur, IL.
I always wanted a shoebox in high school but my dad was a GM man.
Famous Chevrolet dealer in LA. Customs lined up in front for a show.
Don’t let a little snow slow you down.

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