Monday’s Mood

I have been busy on Blue after eight months of sitting dormant. As you recall, the last venture in Blue was the trip to Malibu for the annual Christmas parade. The return trip home resulted in a blown clutch and a bad module in the distributor. I parked it and forgot about it due to some physical problems with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The RA is much better after treatment so I called on my long time friend, Dave, to help me put the distributor back in correctly. I know the correct procedure but it just wouldn’t drop down into the oil pump shaft. Dave couldn’t get it to drop either. After many tries it fell into place. I still have to set the timing but it starts immediately and that is a good sign we did it correctly. Thanks Dave.

Dave and I discussed replacing the clutch or installing the 350 transmission I have ready. The main drawback is the work involved due to the loss of the torque tube. I have a new 9″ ready to install also, but no longer can due that type of work myself. I am almost just ready to have the new clutch installed and postpone the rear end, steering, and dropped axle to a later project.

Installing the new clutch is not an easy job on these old Fords as you must move the rear end back to remove the transmission. I’m not capable of this either so am looking for someone who still remembers the procedure. I have not done this operation for many years but used to do it in a day. Henry’s design for clutch removal was not the best.

Stay Tooned,


Hot Rods

We often have problems with our Hot Rods on the road. AAA is a must to save your day and your tow bill.
We have canceled Halloween in LA but we still decorate for the event.
George and his wife were cursing Cannery Row in their woodie.
Bob has one of the best looking 40 converts around.
We have one like this that comes to the Outriders every year.
Love this 29 tub in white.
Dave Simard built this 33 tub for a customer and it is just right for me.
Roy built this Wescott 33 for a Dentist and it came out really nice.
Somewhat rare is the 34 Ford woodie wagon.
Fall is in the air so side curtains help keep the passengers warm.
Nothing like a 40 convertible for these cooler Fall days.
A cute little 3W out for a drive. Remember 4-bars?
A tasty 36 convert is sitting just right!
I love the 29 on Duece rails.
We don’t have car shows these days but Jane liked this one from last year.
Would make a nice T-shirt.
The 37 truck grille has been used successfully on a 33/4 model.
Steve has a real nice Herules woodie going together.
The 55 is my favorite of the Tri-5’s
Blue is back running after a little repair job.

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