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While my vertigo has improved through exercise, the work in the garage is still just daydreaming. I have an office in my garage that I can study and plan my day but nothing really gets done other than dreaming. And that’s O.K.! Thinking is good for the mind and memory.

The memory is not as sharp as it used to be, but keeping the mind working at least helps retain important facts. I seem to recall lots from my early days but can’t remember what I had for breakfast today. Mel Lawyer’s FB page brings back lots of memories from the ’70s and ’80s. Those were the highlights of my Hot Rod days.

Mel’s posting Mike Marten’s deuce roadster really brought back memories of my involvement with Mike and NSRA in holding the Detroit Nationals in 1971. Mike had just finished his Brown Mold Design fiberglass roadster and was staying with us during the event. This was the last time NSRA held an event in Detriot. Hotels and roads were awful and drove people away.

NSRA offered me the state representative position and I enjoyed working with the group for a couple of years until I was transferred to Atlanta. Yes, those memories are some of my best recollection of the early days of NSRA. I am very happy to have been involved from Peoria to now.

Stay Tooned!


Hot Rods

Mike and Karen were leading some famous roadsters down Woodward Avenue in 1971. Jerry Kessler was in the yellow hiboy and i’m not sure about the black flamed hiboy.

Happy Memories

Best memories of two roadsters built in the 80’s. I’m following Dick and Dave.

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