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Event cancellations continue to be a part of the current response to the Pandemic we are experiencing today. As we reopen our country without any vaccine, the risk is still there for most of us. I for one, don’t plan to attend any event that has crowds and no social distancing practiced.

Having said that, I am curious how Louisville will handle the NSRA event in August. Perhaps there will be some new rules in place to help reduce contact. Kentucky has opened early with an increase in cases. City violence is another concern I would have over the BLM movement. I hope all goes smoothly for everyone.

Our last big event of the season has been canceled. The Outriders informed me they have decided not to hold this well-attended function this year. This has always been one of the best events of the year for us old-timers. I won’t have to hurry to get Blue done for the show.

Stay Tooned!


My Garage

Above shows why I prefer the repo doors and body from SAR or Wescott. No wood required.

The old Mallory distributor gave out and I replaced it with a new Pertronix one along with a new coil. Pertronix doesn’t take a resistor like the Mallory does.

Hot Rods

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