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I am trying hard to keep from writing about the current state of our country but will keep today’s blog positive and about Hot Rods. While in hibernation, I have been concentrating on Blue and a 33 Ford chassis. Bob has my jig which I will be bringing home this week. Lots of projects going through my mind but I had to get my RA in condition to be able to work again. Thanks to my RA doctor for the shots.

I have been thinking about trying to adapt a 350 trans to my stock closed driveline but I haven’t found any information as of this writing. I only want to do that due to the current super restoration and ride of the stock parts.

More roadsters this week for your enjoyment. I have several thousand photos to choose from so if you want to see a specific year let me know. 1927-1936 are in my files.

Stay Safe

Stay Tooned,


My Work this past week.

I found thesse frame rails in Denver and now just need to get them to LA.

I have a nice stand to hold the rear end for working and painting.

Old spring perches removed and new ones will be welded on later.

I plan to fill the holes for that true smooth look.

I hope it comes out this nice after painting and bondo.

I will be using the TCI kit for the installation. They offer the best parabolic springs on the market.

Is this the adapter for the closed driveline to an automatic”


Nice roadster with a great stance and color.

My favorite view of the model 40 roadster. Note Quickie!

Nice Tardel built 34 roadster out of Sonoma CA.

Local 34 for sale at Kanepa’s store a few years ago.

Patina roadster from the past. Love these old builds with no frills. Pure Hot Rod.

Tough looking Phaeton with an unusal color. Looks good to me.

I am a fan of the Duvall windshield on the Model 40 roadsters.

Paul is checking his clock to see if he needs to get going on this run.

Another Phaeton by Lokar is qutie striking.


Chad builds some great Deuce roadsters in his shop in Georgia. Cars have an extended cockpit and longer doors.

The 36 roadster has made a comeback in recent year.

The 29 has always been popular but leg room is a problem for most tall guys.

I like the look of the 29 Phaeton and this one has been around a long time in our area.

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