Monday’s Mood

Watching the Super Bowl gave me time to think about winning. I have always liked winning at whatever I do. Sports, business and yes, car building. Watching the two teams putting forth maximum effort reminded me to step up my pace on getting Blue back on the road. My arthritis has improved so I can use my hands again without pain. Everything is much better now thanks to a new medication.

The removal of the clutch is a major job in an early Ford and most shops are not interested in the job. Fred told me that he wouldn’t spend money on a replacement if I really wanted an automatic and nine-inch rear end. I have purchased the parts for the swap but forgot I have to split the wishbones to accommodate the 350 transmission. The list of changes required goes on and on so I just stopped winning.

The 49R’s just kept pushing to try and win the game and perhaps that is what I need to do to win my game of building Hot Rods. As the saying goes, “progress is not possible without effort”! Being number 1 is nice, but knowing you gave it everything is what’s important.

Congrats to the KC Chiefs!

Stay Tooned!


Mark’s Winning Roadster

Jim’s 32 Woody Winner

Brock’s WinnerB


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