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Mel Lawyer started a “Street is Neat” page on Facebook that has stirred many old-timers to post photos from the ’70s & ’80s that made me pull out some photo albums that I haven’t looked at in years. I have great memories of those times going to all the NSRA events with my family and car. I have included some photos for your review.

As for my work on the Woodie, I have discovered another problem. The electric fuel pump has quit so I am in the process of replacing it and the clutch. The bad clutch was causing the slipping and chattering while driving and shifting. You gotta love a new Hot Rod and it’s ongoing problems. I will overcome these and be back on the road soon.

The Grand National Roadster Show is in a couple of weeks, so I will be talking about roadsters for a few weeks which is my favorite subject. I still have aspirations of having another one as my last build/ride but only time will tell if that comes true.

Stay Tooned!


Jake drove his coupe to several events while he owned it.
Don Smith and his Woodie at Columbus.
Jag rear ends were very popular in the 70’s.
Very nice 33 roadster.
Lime fire!
My old roadster that Ray made his own.
Lobeck’s 40 coupe at Gatlinburg.
CSR AMBR in Columbus NSRA.
The SO-CAL brakes don’t stick out in this photo. They look much better to me.
Dave Gale built a clone of the Spencer roadster.
Conti modified the Gale roadster and painted it maroon.
Barry built a lot of winners in his short career.
Tom has a beautiful 40 coupe with lots of metal work.
Unique steering wheel with shift pattern.
Photo shows sectioning of coupe.
Nicely done Deuce roadster.
Very nicely done Deuce roadster 40’s- 50’s style.
Nice shot of the classic roadster.
Cal’s hiboy was one of the first I saw that started my love for the model 40.
Lobeck’s roadster is my all-time favorite. RIP

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