Monday’s Mood

Several years ago I became interested in Deuce Tudor sedans, especially chopped ones. Henry Richards of Steadfast built a winner that had lots of people looking for sedans. I still like them but love the roadster more. I have shown some of my favorites, including my own from the ’80s.

The cost of a good body can still be high but worth the money when you consider what bodywork costs in toady’s economy. If you can find one chopped properly you should buy the body. Chopped tops can be expensive at the good metal shops. The Kennedy Boys do a great job of chopping cars and are reasonable.

As for me, I am feeling a little better but still have limited use of my hands. I hope the condition improves so I can get back to my regular schedule.

Stay Tooned!


Education of how to chop a sedan per Steadfast.
Henry set the bar real high for sedans.
Definitely, one I should have kept.
Painted in the driveway like most good Hot Rodders.
This is my old sedan last weekend at Pomona.
Backyard build that was my favorite a few years back.
Jerry purchased Bob’s sedan and then I lost track of the car.
Bobby can chop your sedan and it will be perfect.
Sharon still driver her ’80’s sedan.
Cute driver of this sexy sedan.
The big Champ looks good under Scott’s sedan.
Scott has one bad sedan with the Halibrand.
My favorite fendered car.
If you must have fenders then Eric has a plan for you.

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