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Throughout my career with General Motors, I would always ask the dealers I contacted if they knew of any old cars for sale. At night I would buy a local paper and search the ads for cars for sale. I guess that habit is something that has stuck with me over all these years.

I remember my first Hot Rod was a 1932 Ford 5W that had a small block Chevy and 4-speed. I found it in the Detroit News under the classified section. I paid $500 for the car and drove it home. Of course, Hemmings was the Bible for classified and I still search it from time to time. The Woody Times, Early Ford V8 Times were always present on my desk to search for my dream cars.

As the print media continued to give way to the electronic world, eBay, Craigslist and several others were my main sources for seeking new projects and complete cars. Until recently, I have always preferred projects as that is what I love to do with my spare time. I enjoy the journey more than the destination. I am always seeking something to work on in the garage. My arthritis prevents me from doing much fabrication but I can design, and have friends do the fabrication for me.

The aging process in both humans and old Fords takes its toll but both seem to be fixable. I tend to look for projects that require minimal bodywork and just need a little personalization. Add some wheels, power steering (for the hands) and maybe a little altitude adjustment. Life doesn’t have to limit your love of old Fords, just make a few adjustments in your journey and you can still enjoy the exciting and rewarding hobby of ours.

” Remember dreams can come true!”

Stay Tooned!


I found my dream on the HAMB. 
Bringing up the rear .
Department of the interior!
A full 59 AB with all the goodies.
No mufflers and a Columbia rear axle.
Time to have some fun in life!
I love the 33 Ford roadsters with or without fenders. Chop the top 3″ and lean the post back to match the hood and grille.
Awaiting for the fun day to begin.
Ready to race! Nice shot Craig!
Lucy was a fun car to build.
Ray took Luch to the next level and has been enjoying his outings.
Roy knows how to build a 33 roadster that has the “LOOK”!
Bill Swanson built another favorite of mine which would look good next to the Woody in my garage. Bill built the Woody also.
Many years ago, Jack built this beautiful phaeton and it’s still is close by.
My first delivery was a 34 but this 33 would have been my first choice.
Basically a stock delivery with excellent sheetmetal.
Mine was exactly like this one. Perfect wood and bed strips.
The doors had all wood for bracing.
My first delivery 1967.
A perfect example of a 34 delivery Resto-Rod.

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