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June gloom in LA is a common term used by natives to describe our overcast skies that occur in June. We continue to drive our open cars and pray for sunshine sometime during the day. Open cars are a way of life in LA and will continue to be so for years to come.

Our abundance of sunshine make open cars very attractive to people in LA and Hot Rodder’s have always loved the open car. Enjoying the sunshine and wind blowing in your face gives you the adrenaline required to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. The LAR’s will provide that same feeling if you attend their annual Father’s Day Show in Pomona.

See you there!

Stay Tooned!


Steve Sanford creating this beautiful example of a 40 pickup.
Long a favorite of many is this 29 restored by Don Orosco.
The 36 has become the latest year to attract roadster lovers.
Patina roadsters show up and I love to look at history builds.
The Phaeton is also making a comeback with Deuce lovers.
I prefer the model 40 Phaeton as they have a great profile.
Early style roadsters are making a big comeback.
Flathead roadsters are popular again. The cost of the engines makes them very expensive to build.
Early style 80’s roadsters are still going strong.
The model 40 hiboy is my favorite roadster.
Model 40 roadsters are filled with wood inner structures. Expensive to replace.
Boyd style roadsters are still around but the smooth look is no longer popular.
Boyd built several Model 40 hiboy roadsters during the 80-90’s.
The 33 roadsters are my favorite with or without fenders.
I like the Duvall windshield but they are no longer popular on today’s builds.
The fenders make the roadster look regal in appearance.
The top with a Duvall must be shaped to fit the profile.
Simple and clean lines make this 33 a good looking ride.
One of the best t around is Gene’s 34 from St. Louis.
Don’t know if this one was ever finished but it sure has the look I like.

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