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The end of the month is fast approaching and we will be heading into Roadster month. I plan to list all the Open Houses, events and some points of interest for those of you driving across the country. Each year many shops have tours prior to the show and welcome visitors from all over the world.

Today, I am showing some of my favorite Hot Rods over the years. I like all kinds of cars so follow along and see if you like any of the styles shown.

Stay Tooned!


Poppy is ready to go to Pomona for the LARS!
The Woodie season is also here and the fun begins.
I learned to drive in one of these pickups on grandpa’s farm.
Beautiful 3W in Maroon. Perfection in motion.

Orville’s 40 standard set the bar real high for 40 sedans.

Another nice 33 coupe hiboy with wires and louvers.
I like the color on this 40 pickup.
The 5W model 40 looks good as a hiboy also.
Scott’s Brizio built 5W looks super in this photo in Nashville.
I f you prefer fenders on your 5W then this will suit you taste.
It is always nice to have a pretty lady in your photos.
Looks like a Ruby chop to me. Great looking 5W hiboy.
LARS in 2003! Lets make it look like this again.
Real deal 34 roadster from WA look great in primer.
Pat had is new dragster and truck at the drags.
Craig was at the Antique Nationals and captured some beauties.
Seldom seen are model 40 hiboy sedans.
50 Ford shoeboxes were the hot ticket in my youth. And blue was in vougue.
1939 Convertibles are special for the era!
Nice 3W sitting in the grass.
Art’s 39 4-door convertible. I wonder what happened to the car.

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