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Rain and more rain. What can I say, the water stopped and the highway parted long enough for me to view the GNRS in Pomona. I left early so I would not have to stand in line and loaded up on pain pills and muscle relaxants in order that I could view some of the cars. WOW! I was impressed with the quality of the cars and the number of nice ones. I took as many pictures as my back would allow and then came home and stayed in bed the rest of the day. It was worth it, I really enjoyed this show.  A very nice venue compared to the Oakland Coliseum.

Have a look.

More Tomorrow.

Stay Tooned.



Very traditional tudor with Moon disc, chopped and a great stance. Outside display.


33 roadster with track nose. This car was very well constructed and caught my eye. Very nice proportions and a nice color scheme. All steel original car if that matters to you.


Rear of above roadster showing the QC, super detail and stance.


Poteet’s fabulous 32 Ford sedan delivery. Dave Lane of Fastlane built this beauty. You must see this one in person to realize the work that went into getting a black car this straight. Truly amazing work and design.


Very nice 32 cabriolet that was a big hit with me. Black with yellow steelies and whitewalls. Well executed design and build.


Not sure who built this one but it was my style. Hiboy, chopped, QC and nice detail.


Gabe’s interior in a nice deuce hiboy by Wheelers of Huntington Beach, CA.  Love the copper color and matching interior. This car was in competition for the big one. Nice job!



Other than the tudor in Pinkee’s both, this was my favorite.  SO-CAL built for Ken Washburn, a beautiful “Leonard Blue” with a Ford, Tremec, Nine inch, perfect paint and detail. I want this one in my garage.


Gabe’s interior and top. Dark brown and stunning. Pete builds some nice roadsters, my style. Now, where can I find a $150 to build one?


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