Monday’s Mood

The weekend proved to be productive for Pewsplace. I was able to work on both Hot Rods and fix one of the problems on Poppy. Pepe needs the fuel filters cleaned which is a major job I put off until Monday. Fuel filters are located behind a heat shield which is hard to remove laying on your back. I figured out how to block the fuel from coming out. I simply stuck a plug in the end of the hose.

The hoses are made of rubber so it was easy to force a plug in the end. I have real trouble with full tanks of gas and needing to clean the fuel filters. On any new cars I build I will install a fuel shut off vale to make it easy to stop the fuel from leaking out on the ground. I don’t understand why more builders don’t install fuel shut off valves. It sure makes it easier to removed fuel filters.

The weather continues to cooperate so more events will be planned for the BRB in the coming weeks. Driving our Hot Rods is what we enjoy the most. How about you!!

Stay Tooned!



One of the nicest 33 coupe around.

Another beauty with fenders.
A beautiful photo of this traditional real end.
Fat girls have a nice round rear end.
My first drive of Poppy when Walt first bought it back.
Perfect 40 coupe in Folkstone Gray.
A made B-400 looks beautiful.
Dave build George a beautiful sedan delivery.
Rich and Val have an owner built Dearborn Deuce that goes everywhere in style.
A local phaeton that I love.
My first fat girl.
Tim put together this beautiful Sedna delivery that I tiried to purchase from him.
Squid purchased this beauty and drives the wheels off it.
I really like this 37 delivery but it was priced way over market.
Famous 5w is looking great.
High School Hot Rod is ready for primer.
Lucy was rolled out of garage for a side shot.
Final iteration when Ray made it his. Good Job!
Boyd built many chassis like this including one for me.
My favorite full fenders 33 roadster.

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