Monday’s Mood

April brings sunshine to many places and that means driving our Hot Rods to events and local cruises as much as we can. Goodguys was the biggest event over the weekend, but several other smaller events were also held. I only attended Don’s Coffee and Kix on Saturday morning. Don’s is always a fun place to gather for seeing some great cars and fellow enthusiasts. He is a gracious host.

The week ahead will be devoted to finishing the radiator hose repair and planning our outing to the Rock Inn. We have visited this famous spot a couple of times and always enjoyed the trip. Our group is smaller now but still active and driving their Hot Rods. Peppe will be ready to go.

Our future Back Road Boys trips will be to some new places in 2019. Hopefully, we can “Find New Roads” to broaden our experience driving our Hot Rods.

Stay Tooned!


The Rock Inn
Rick had his beautiful sedan at Del Mar. Love the wheels!
Scott had his 39 Mercury custom at Dons. Amazing customer with tons of body modifications.
This 32 truck was restored with a little Hot Rod added.
The bed was fresh with new wood and stainless strips.

A Goodguys special 1951 Suburan. Nice color.

The 56 Nomad is close to my heart as it was one first Nomad in the 60’s.
Bob-O had his clean Deuce at Dons. 50’s style!

Steve is coming along nicely with his 32 Woodie project. As with all his builds they are flawless.
I have owned several 3W coupes but this one by Nick and Boyd was one of the nicest.
I have a thing for baby blue Hot Rods.
A beautiful 46 Convert stopping by for some serenity at the beach.

A result of our enormous fires last year.

Another nice fat girl in Black!
George enjoying his new woodie.

Rich and Val drive their Deuce everywhere.
The different Deuce.

Ruby was a lot of fun for Jane and I. Thanks Walt!
Boyd could build Fat Girls that rode like a dream.

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