Monday’s Mood

Sunshine motivated me to tear down Pepe and repair the leaking lower radiator hose and fix the belt hitting the hose. The car is so low that I have to put it up on ramps to get underneath the radiator to remove the hose. Jane helped me and we were able to remove the hose without much trouble.

The hose was made from two hoses which I never liked so I purchase a new one from NAPA to fix the problem. The lowered alternator and A/C pump make getting at the hose clams a difficult task. I have a small socket wrench that made the job easier. I did suffer some bruises on my old hands but that is normal for Hot Rodder’s.

I hope to put it back together this morning but may wait until tomorrow. While I was under the car, I decide to clean all the crud off the stainless Heidts front end. No small job!

The season is in full bloom now and our group try to attend as many events as possible. Woodie Shows, NSRA and Goodguys will occupy my time this month. See you soon!

Stay Tooned!


This is were the fan belt rubbed through the lower hose.
Someone had make a hose to fit and while it worked I never thought it was a good idea.
Tough to get your hand down to the clamps  but I managed.
A closer look at the 46 trim on the fender. I like the trim.
Having some new wearables made so stay toned!

The 37 phaeton needed a new top so he is making a Carson style.

The rear shows the final shape. Note flat strap to keep the covering smooth.
Bob has done a lot of work on his latest Woodie. Nickels did the wood and it is ready for final assembly.
My friend Dave is giving his new convert a similar look to this beauty.

I throw these in as I love 356’s.

Pepe is back together and ready for Doheny Wood.
Sometimes we need to look at some other neat cars from the 50’s. This 57 T-Bird is primo!

The Rock Inn is a great spot for a BRB tour.

One of my projects that never got finished and should have.
A good example of a standard 40 woodie!

My hight schools days Mercury. Loved the baby blue chopped Mercury.

Another custom with the early look !
I love the stance on this convert. Not too much just right. Even the top looks good which is not always the case on 40’s.
Trucks have long been popular with Hot Rodder’s. The 40/41 are in real demand right now.
The final High School Hot Rod.

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