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February brought us lots of rain and cold weather so I’m happy it is ending and we can move on to the warm weather. Driving our Hot Rods again will make me happy. Even if it stays cold for March, I can always drive Pepe with its heater and comfort for Jane and I. The 1940 Ford models provide something for everyone who wants a Hot Rod but likes comfort in driving.

The coupe is the most popular with the Tudor sedan being second in popularity. The pickup has gained much attention in recent years and commanding large prices for finished examples. A convertible, Woodie wagon and sedan delivery offer and alternative to the popular models. I like them all and have owned all of them except a Woodie wagon.

People say the Deuces and Forties go together and I agree with them. Perfect garage mates at Pewsplace.

Stay Tooned!


The 40 coupe has long been a favorite of mine and many others.

Your basic 40 coupe with whitewalls is always a good choice for your ride.
A barn find high school Hot Rod makes a statement for our youth.
The convertible is my preference with the Woodie being second.

One of my favorite shots of the convertible on the beach.
Dave’s has the look I like on a convertible.
The pickup commands big dollars when done like this one of Ray Brown’s.
This one done in a deep maroon is striking. A proper stance is a must on these pickups.
Very stock appearing and Folkstone gray in color.
The sedan is ranked right up there in looks and comfy rides.
CMG is a favorite of many people who build 40’s.
The Tudor sedan isn stock form is also a great ride and inexpensive to buy.

My friend Tom just purchased this nice mostly stock standard sedan and is detailing it for use this spring.
The sedan delivery is a rare vehicle but make a nice Hot Rod for driving.

Another one in CMG was built by a friend of mine.
Black is a popular color on all forties especially coupes.
This classic photo of an old gas station and Woodie wagon is just perfect.
Perhaps the most expensive of the 40’s is the wagon.

Jim’s Woodie is now at the paint shop.
Ryan did a fantastic job on the chassis and whole car. A sure winner in my book.
The artist’s rendering of the final product.

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