Monday’s Mood

The past week has been very cold for Los Angeles. Temperatures have been in the high 30’s in the morning and the low 50’s during the day. We are not used to these temps this time of year and I don’t have a heated garage for working on the Hot Rods. So what is a man to do?

I find myself spending lots of time at my computer or iPhone which is non-productive in my mind. Looking at various sites like the HAMB and Fordbarn provide lots of information and tons of For Sale items. I even bought some items which I didn’t need but couldn’t pass up. But the answer is to stay active not sitting and dreaming. If this keeps up, I am going to take some field trips to some Hot Rod shops and take some photos for my blog.

Today, I am going to feature some Hot Rods by the water. I live close to the Pacific Ocean and love to drive my Hot Rods to the water’s edge. The water provides the relaxing mood and serenity I need sometimes to get my mind clear of distractions. We have lots of shoreline to visit and we do often forget they are they are close at hand.

Stay Tooned!


Probably one of the most talked about Phaetons in recent Years was Paul’s hiboy version of the Deuce.

The rear shows a nice shot of the chopped top angle and Paul’s many accessories.
Paul likes the water’s edge also as shown here on a run.
Fat Jack built a Tudor version which was one of many attempts by builders to make a Tudor Tub.
Cory drive his tradtional Deuce to the Pacific often.

They don’t have be perfect to get in the mood.

Yes, the Dearborn Deuce likes the water’s edge also.

One of our most famous locations for visiting the water’s edge is the GGB in San Francisco.

The rush of the waves beating against the shoreline is hypnotizing.

Model A’s also like the water’s edge.

A nice shot of the roadster at the water’s edge.

My favorite of the water’s edge photos.

Our beautiful Lake Arrowhead is a favorite place to visit in your Hot Rod.

Coupes love the water’s edge also. This is a killer coupe.
Paradise is Pebble Beach at the Concours.
The ultimate Deuce is enjoying the water’s edge also.
Sometimes the mountains are just a good for getting in the mood.

How about a bone stocker at the water’s age!

Pete even stops by the water’s edge.
The ladies even enjoy the water’s edge in their Porsche 356’s.

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