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Visiting the hospital for some routine tests is much like visiting your painter to see how much progress he has made. You really don’t know the answer until you see the results. As we age we seem to visit the hospital more than our painters although I have had times when the paint job took several months to complete and multiple visits to see the final finish. I have written many articles on “Paint Jail” and how frustrating it can be when having your car painted or refreshed.

I have painted chassis pieces many times but never a whole car. Embarking on my rear door again this week as Pepe is down for some engine work (external) and some cleaning. The rear door is easy to remove and I plan to strip it down to bare metal and redo what the paint shop has done twice without success.

Painting is about patience and obtaining the correct match of your current color. PPG single stage Black is hard to come by in our area but a few towns over it is available. I have a quart which should be plenty for now. My old Binks #7 still does a good job as I have maintained the gun all these years. I also have some Devilblis and Harbor Freight HVLP guns as back ups. I look forward to try my hand at painting the door rather than trusting a paint shop to botch the job again.

Finally, the GNRS is in two weeks and I am excited about the show and visiting the Open Houses and some shops prior to the show. Here are a few I plan to visit during the week:

Open Houses and Hot Rod Shops:

  • Walden’s Speed Shop
  • Early Ford Store
  • Hollywood Hot Rods
  • Stoker’s Hot Rod Shop
  • Kennedy Brothers
  • Old Crow Speed Shop

The show attracts people from all over the world and provides lots of cars to please all tastes in styles and brands.

I hope to see many of you at the show or shops.

Stay Tooned!


The back door only lasted about two months before the paint and bond failed.

The Hot Rod Gagrage is finally finishing their delivery. Note sedan doors.
I have been helping Dave find a set of top irons for his new 40 convertible. This one is chopped 4″ like his black one. A heavy chop — but looks good. The top has two steel and two wood bows.
The photo of his black one shows how the irons have been cut and bow reshaped to flow better.
Forty ragtops are going together in several shops.
Walden always has a nice display of their projects for your viewing.
One of my favorite styles for the 33 Ford roadster. Duvall adds to the snoopy grille and louvers.
Greg from NZ sent some photos of a sedan he is working on. Note the 34 roadster..
He is also working on this nice Deuce roadster. I think every shop has at least one in progress.

A very traditional 29 roadster is just perfect in design and execution.

I really like yellow 41 pickups.

The 46-48 Ford Woodie is the most popular with Surfers.

My Canadian friends drive their rides every chance they have.

My traditional built front end using a stock chassis.
Hard to beat the model 40 hiboy for looks and styling.

Bruce has a Deuce with a good profile also. I often see him driving this to events.
The sedan is also a great looking ride with lots of room.

I have always loved the look of this high school hot rod.

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