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The past week was filled with automotive events throughout California. Monterey, Pebble Beach, Goodguy’s, and a dozen other events kept the enthusiast’s on the road enjoying their Hot Rods. It seems summer is coming to an end and vacations are completed for the season. Labor Day Weekend is the normally the last hurrah for most of us even though fall doesn’t start until September 22nd. I have an event planned for September to Ojai for the Back Road Boys and that will be the last one for the year. We also will be attending Wavecrest and the famous Outrider’s Picnic at the end of September. It has been a great year for car events and now it’s time to start thinking about maintenance on the Hot Rods over the winter months.

Pepe and Poppy both need some undercarriage work and inspection and now that I have access to a lift the job should be easier for me. Our group plan some long road trips next season and I want to be prepared with the cars being in top mechanical condition. Nothing major I hope but routine inspection and replacement of a few bushing and repack the wheel bearings. Poppy has lots of joints in her suspension being independent that require annual attention so that will be the first on my agenda. Pepe needs the fuel filters checked and some adjustment on the two fuel system supply tanks and regulator. I also may change the wheels to steel wheels for a different look next year. I have the original set that Gary installed when he built the car in the 90’s. I also have started a top for Poppy and have most of the pieces bent ready for welding. The top is being built on my bench not on the car and so far has been easy to do. Mounting the header to the skinny windshield posts has presented the biggest problem. The top will not sit on the body and no modifications to the body are necessary.

I am at the point in my life where I am undecided about another project for the winter months. I have my frame jig back from Bob and would like to build another chassis to occupy my mind and keep my welding skills in practice. Eye sight is the toughest at my age but I have been using some new magnifying lenses which help immensely. Bob-O is also working with his new TIG welder and he is 85! I guess the sickness continues with no cure in site. I am thankful for my health holding out as long as it has and the support of my wife who helps me with my projects. She is a real trooper.

“The Flame continues to Burn at”


I am challenged as I see what Ryan at Reed’s Design can do to a stock set of 40 rails.


Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

The Avenue of Cars in Carmel-by-the-Sea had some beautiful Hot Rods on display.

Clarksboro Hot Rods sent along this jewel they just finished. We have a similar one in our area.

My good friend Bob-O has been wanting one of these for a long time. He prefers the 4-door but the same image.

Starting with a stock convertible sedan like this would require some serious work to achieve the about profile.

Yes, this would have been the style in the 50-60″s…right John!

Don Smith’s 4-door, is a real stunner with center less door pillar.

Certainly a different approach was taken on this Ridler Award Winner.

A nice pair of Red Deuces.

GMS gave me some inspiration with his latest 34 chassis build. P&J components and Geoff’s skills put this one together using original rails.

Due the lack of original rails, I use all repo parts on my last build.

I used P&J parts where possible and I made the rest. New rails are really nice and pit free.

Here is another way to expand the X for the 700r4 transmission. I think Ryan did this at SO-CAL.

A roadster sold off Pewsplace has had a restyling completed and now looks completely different.

Mike was needing some help for some reason. Do you have some more photos of you convert?

A local convertible sedan is one of two he owns. Rare cars.

I saw this tub when Lobeck came to the LARS with his tour. I somehow think the body was removed and sold. Wescott body!

Sherm captured this masterpiece a few years back. I have no details to share just the photo.

Roy and his team put their magic on this 35 and produced a winner.

Bob’s 39 is about as pristine as you would ever find. It’s for sale — see For Sale

The 40 is my favorite and doesn’t have suicide rear doors.

Photo of the day

Somewhere someone is wanting to sell this 33 tub project. Looks to be a decent start!

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