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We certainly had a big car weekend with Bonneville running and the Big Bear Car Show to name a couple. Danny Thompson’s record-breaking run was the news of the weekend. He is the fastest piston driven driver in the world. Mickey would have been proud. I don’t follow Bonneville but have a few pictures from FB. I continually thank all those photographers for their wonderful photos. As for Pewsplace, we have been busy building a top for Poppy! The front Boyd windshield post present a problem as they are small aluminum uprights with very little space for a tapped hole to hold the header on. I made the header from pine and aluminum to keep the weight down and will probably make the whole top out of aluminum tubing 3/4 x 14 ga. I made the top on my 33 out of steel as I can weld steel but need some help on aluminum. It has been a fun project so far and I look forward to writing about the project as we make progress.

As the summer is winding down, I am planning our next Back Road Boys adventure to the beautiful city of Ojai, CA for some more winding roads, good food and ice cream. Plans are for October since we should be cooler by then with apple cider and cinnamon donuts are really in season at that time of the year. Some of our group are aging and cannot make the trip. So we are looking for someone to take their place. We will be limited to the restaurant size as far as participants go and should not exceed. 20 people. I look forward to seeing you on October 9th.

Stay Tooned!


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The big new from Bonneville was Danny Thomson’s Challenger setting a new record for a piston driven engine.

Doug drives his famous phaeton everywhere and the flathead does it in style.

Here I a nice shot of two classics on the Salt. Lou and Dick have the perfect pair of Hot Rods.

Lots of Hot Rods show up and Bonneville like these beauty shown above. The top on the 34 is just right.

Thanks to Gordon for his photos from Big Bear. Five-Hundred cars were registered for this beautiful venue.

A local car made it to the mountains of Big Bear for some good times.

Seldom seen in our area is a channelled roadster like this one.

The 39 convertible sedan is a rare piece especially done in a Hot Rod form.

Those smiles tell the story  of these young men headed for Perry’s on Friday night.

Bobby can build you an AMBR like this one. I was very happy to see it win. Love 33 roadsters.

Roy and his talented crew don’t waste any time on building cars. He picked this up at the LARS and it is now ready for paint. He is the best!

Don and Cam were out in their cars for some fun and Coffee.

Ryan pulled his winner out for a photo and this car is just filled with details he is know for at Reed’s Design.

I am a big fan of this yellow 41 Ford truck.

Roy built this one for Bob a long time ago and I have always like the style with the Duvall and scallops. This is an old build but still in style for me.

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