Monday’s Mood

I continue to look for a 1940 – 48 Ford sedan delivery and find quite a few of them. Most are too far apart or away to go see. I now have three presented to me in the last few days. The first one I have known about for over a year and the second two just came across my desk in the last few days. Lou in Idaho has a very nice red delivery that I am considering. My only problem is that it does not run like the rest of my cars. Jane, my wife is not for another project. The other two are projects but also are far away so I am not likely to pursue those. In the meantime, I will procrastinate long enough that someone else will purchase the car. Here are some photos.

Stay Tooned!




Lou’s very nice 41 Delivery, red with dropped axle, stock driveline


Rear door which appears very nice. Bumper is 41 and will be changed to correct flat one.


Nice interior, needs a new instrument cluster to suit me, but that is easy.


1957 Dodge 325 Hemi which looks cute, but is not included. Darn it.



Lou has acquired a very nice 40 deluxe coupe that will be his next 40 project.

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