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The 49th NSRA Nationals is in the books and from the photos on FB, looks to have been a huge success. Thanks to all who shared the photos with the world. While not as good as being there in person, they still provide the information required to feel the excitement of the event. A bunch of us are planning on going to the 50th next year as we were at the 1st Nationals in Peoria,IL in 1970. We may drive but most likely will fly due to age health issues. I have driven to several in my Hot Rod but sometimes the old body makes the decision an easy one. Being there fifty years later is an accomplishment in itself. I have a whole year to get in shape for the journey with my friends.

This year’s  attendance was over 10,000 cars and the spectator gate was also larger as were the vendors. We need some of that marketing expertise to recharge the LARS for 2019. For those of you who boycotted the LARS this year, remember our support is what keeps the show going. The NSRA/Goodguys are not free events and never have been. The LARS is a business and cannot lose money and be sustainable. The choice is up to us. I will be preaching this sermon all through the rest of this year and next. Please rethink your support for this prestigious show.

As you can tell from today’s photos, my FB friends like 32 Fords and that is mostly what I posted today. I have added a few more from other sources to reach my normal 20 count. A special thanks to Shane for his photos from Car Show Photos.

Have a great August driving your Hot Rod and remember the following:


Stay Tooned!



Stay Tooned!


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Dave has several Deuces to choose from but choose this maroon sedan for the trip. This is one of my favorites sedans.

The Becker family drove the Woody to Louisville looking for some surf.

You gotta love a stock height Deuce Tudor.

The 5-window is also looking good without fenders.

Les liked this rare 34 Phaeton and so do I.

Joe captured some of the beautiful Deuces in the line up at Louisville. The color on this four door looks stock.

This sedan had a very nice interior that had been well thought out.

Fresh built by Bob, this hiboy has the Lobeck look down pat. Very nice!

Three window coupes done in this fashion always get my adrenaline running faster.

The 33 offers a different look but still retains the Hot Rod look I love.

The side profile really is to my liking. Maroon steelies adds to the 70’s look.

JHRS builds some amazing Deuces like this sedan. Gray Artillery wheels add a nice touch.

JHRS also builds later models like this 50 shoebox.

This one reminds me of one of our guys roadster. Orange roadsters do it for me.

The Hercules Woodie is looking good in the pastel Green color.

Deuce hiboys were everywhere in Louisville. Love the look of this one with the Duvall and polished Rodder’s Wheels.

Les, thought this 35 custom really had the look. Black is beautiful!!

Henry had is Deuce truck for sale but I don’t know if he sold the truck.

Another fresh hiboy was Tim’s Lobeck inspired beauty. Another hiboy is now on the road.

Photo of the Day!


Shane and Sonya attended the Mecum auction and thought I would like this Dearborn Deuce. Thanks — I love Red Roadsters. That’s the very pretty Sonya in the photo who was nice enough to pose for the photo.. Even these high end cars are not bringing the money in today’s market.

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