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One of my other automotive loves in my early years was the solid axle Corvettes. I drove a 1959 Corvette through college and purchased a new 1965 when I graduated and went to work for GM. I have always liked the solid axle Corvettes but never purchased another one. They were good cars but a little hard riding vehicle with lots of power. My college buddy, who lives close by, is an expert on the 1953-62 Corvettes and restores them to perfection. He is involved in putting on the West Coast event for the SAC which I attended this past weekend. I have great memories of that old Corvette.

I was pleased to see my old 46 sedan delivery end up in Dwight, IL with the Becker family. I have known Phil for many years as my wife has family in Dwight. The car has significant provanance in the Pasadena area being used by Ralph’s Flowers for many years. I know it is in good hands once again.

Finally, I am pleased that both Pepe and Poppy are running great and can look forward to starting on a new project on my frame jig. I continue to follow the following quote by C.S. Lewis.  No Bad Days


Stay Tooned!


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This is an old photo from my college days. We had a few Corvettes in the house and mine is the 59 on the right with the American Magnesium 5-spokes..

The C1’s, as they are called, continue to be valuable collector cars and always show up at the shows.

I am happy that my old delivery is now in good hands with the Beckers. They will enjoy it as I did.

I liked this 36 delivery with the orange wheels and white walls.

I like the 46 best of the 46-48 Ford convertibles as the chrome is more attractive to me.

JHRS still sets the bar real high with their Deuce builds.

Sometimes simple is the best look for a 40. Very easy to work on when something goes wrong.

A green 33 roadster looks good to me with the wire wheels and white walls.

Greg sent along some photos of his lady friend’s 36 which is just perfect.

Lots of nice metal work on this beauty. Desoto Fire Dome for power

Tim’s is the delivery that got me interested in the 46’s.

Poteet also had a real nice 46 with sedan doors added.

Another 36 that has the correct rear bumper.

This low mileage sedan looks good with a dropped axle.

The Miller brothers put this 40 coupe together and it was a sure winner. Flathead powered with lots of detail.

The color on this coupe is close to a stock Winterleaf light Brown. A true classic.

Another classic is this 40 coupe with American 5-spokes. No more needed on this one.

Folkstone Gray is another stock color that looks good on a 40.

Here is your High School Hot Rod. We used to chop them in our garage.

Doug likes his work on this jewel in red oxide primer.

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