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I hope you survived St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness this past weekend. I always enjoy both this time of year. It is the only time I have corned beef and cabbage which I dearly love. As we head into spring, I can’t help think about the Hot Rods and all the events and venues I would like to attend in 2018. I have slowed down considerably from going to the large Goodguy’s and NSRA evens but I may attend both this year. I love the cars and the vendor displays at these events. I’m amazed at the new items that are being produced for our Hot Rods and later models. I have not moved past 48th street in my purchases but I do like Chevrolets in the 55-56 range and some of the 62 models plus 57-62 Corvettes. You may see a few of these posted from time to time, but my primary focus will be Hot Rods T-51’s. Woodies will be included in my posts as I am a big fan of Woodies and attend all the meets with our Woodie gang.

I will be having carpal tunnel surgery next week so I’m not sure of my typing ability will be back to normal but I hope soon.

Stay Tooned!




click on photo for a larger image

I have always had a thing for Deuce sedan hiboys like this one. I featured this one during the build process. Turned out fabulous. GNRS 2018.

Another winner is this medium Cabernet Dark Red sedan.

I have a soft spot for High School Hot Rods like this 50 model. Belongs in my garage!

Tony Pisano has always owned some super Hot Rods. I mistakenly thought this was my old 3-window, but it is not. Boyd build this one with body work by Craig.

Tony built this one in his garage with major metal work. He can stretch out when he takes this one out for a drive.

Cam purchased this jewel added the Buick and some seat covers to make it his. Love this one!

For comparison, here is a nice Deuce Phaeton. I like both but prefer the 33/4 over the Deuce.


Andy captured this photo at the 2014 LARS. Two driven 40’s!

Love to find’m like this.

The black plate makes it a CA car. Great find!

Dave basically took his to the next level with a chop, new paint and interior.

A 34  hiboy ready for the race. Some of Pewsplace foreign readers.

Deuces are popular worldwide as proven by these two out for a nice ride.

Don Smith has a lot of cars and he brought this one to the Peterson for the 75th.

This tells it all, we still haven’t solved the problem with Poppy. Lots of talent here!

Brian and Ray put their rides on the grass for this classic photo. Two great Hot Rods!


Great photo of some great rides by Reed! Stance is everything in a Ryan built Hot Rod!

Looking forward to another 46-8 convertible in the garage. Love these cars.

From the Peckerheads in Reno comes this jewel with a young owner/builder.

Hot Rods look like this to me. No frills and lots of motor h.p.

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