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The weekend was a little cold but warmed up during the day. Three of us headed to the Long Beach to join the Early Times Winter Rod Run which is always a fun day. They always plan a nice road trip with stops at neat shops and end up at a car related lunch stop. We took Gordon’s 40 sedan and really enjoyed the day. Pepe was acting up in the cold weather with the heater and lights on. The amp gauge was in the red so I parked it at Dave’s house and felt safe doing that rather than get stranded in the LA traffic. It ran fine in the warmer weather and no lights or heater on. I will check the alternator  as the battery is new. I want to thank the Early Times team for continuing this long standing run. We had Fun!

I have received several comments about including some Corvettes in my Blog. I know Laura’s 72 and Laura herself added some beauty to my site. She has agreed to send me some photos from her library which should make all of us happy. Thank you Laura and good luck with your car show season. We will be looking forward to the features.

I have been working on solving the problem on Poppy and have started putting the interior back in and adding new wiring. Weather permitting (its has been very cold 30-33 degrees). I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have the solution. Warmer weather is promised so I want to drive Poppy not look at it. The roadster is the dream I never completed after trying several years, so thanks to Walt Baynes that dream has come true after many years. Jane and I are very grateful to him and his generosity.

Our Back Road Boys trip to the Rock Inn was successful and a good time was had by all. The weather was a little brisk but bearable for the roadster drivers but the rest of us turned on our heaters. I was the only one who had trouble but I save that for another Blog. You won’t believe what happened.

Please see our Shop page for wearables. Other items will be added later including some Pewsplace Parts.

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

My old roadster, Lucy, is still looking good and is well maintained by Ray.

We had a great lunch and the food was excellent at the Rock Inn at Lake Hughes.

Laura’s hubby is an accomplished photographer and catches these beautiful moments with his equally pretty wife. LBI stands for Long Beach Island New Jersey.

Laura has the modified 72 Corvette that she wins trophies with. Love that smile Laura and thanks for the photos. Keep them coming.

The grandson goes along and loves to ride in the Pink spoked wheeled Corvette. Laura loves Pink.

Laura’s husband has this primo 63 stingray that is driven regularly to the shows. Love these cars.

Laura also likes Woodies and does some nice collages on FB. This is Tim’s customers 40.

Richard had this 63 split window which looked to be original with low mileage. I love this year Stingray!

Richard builds old style cars with lots of genie parts like this Deuce which is for his Tudor Phaeton.

He likes the original parts and modifies them for safety .


Our good friend Jim couldn’t make the trip due to a serious illness but he was with us in our hearts. Get well soon Jim!

We also visited Circle City Hot Rods and saw a lot of traditional style Hot Rods being built.

Jimmy had several stock Deuce chassis under construction.

Hot Rods are in process but this one looked done and required some updates.


This is Jim’s Phaeton which he has owned for a few years. Very nicely detailed.

Sunshine was one of Jane’s favorite cars. I will have another one before the road ends.

One of my first hiboy roadsters I saw in Indy as a young man was Tom’s famous hiboy. Fully restored by Roy and is a classic.

My two are ready for the spring cruises on the Back Roads.

Pepe and Ruby were together at one of our Back Road Boys trips. They were garage mates for a little while. I will have another one before my journey is complete.

I really liked this hiboy at this AMBR show. Simple, detailed and the color was to my liking and different.

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