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It appears that Google has finally cleared up my site. What a long battle with the people who choose to hack your site. I hope all of you are watching the Olympics and the fact that the world can still get along together when it comes to sports. I relate the Olympics to our Hot Rod Community. We seem to get along all over the world with a common interest without regard to political differences. I hear from people from all over the world and we never talk politics, just Hot Rods. It seems the love of the automobile is a world wide phenomenon that we can appreciated for what it is, nothing else implied. Men and women have been modifying cars for centuries and hopefully will continue to do so. The aftermarket thrives on producing products that enhance performance and looks of our Hot Rods. Together we have built a multi-million dollar industry that continues to grow despite efforts of some government officials trying to halt the modifications of automobiles as built. SEMA continues to work with theses entities to make our stand and continues to be successful in doing so. Working together is how the world comes together just as we do as hobbyist, lets just hope that peaceful solutions will prevail in both circumstances.

Poppy is still not running and I have not found the cause as of this writing. I now feel the electric fuel pump and or filter may be the culprit. I hope to have Donnie remove them both this week and hopefully solve the stalling problem. The weather has been perfect for roadster driving but Poppy refuses to cooperate with the weatherman. I would hope this recent diagnosis is correct.

I will be taking Pepe on our first Back Road Boys run next week. He is still running great but I haven’t driven him much do to a busy schedule at the doctors with my shoulder. It’s hard to turn the wheel even with power steering. Our bodies, like our Hot Rods need attention as we age and I’m beginning to feel my age when it comes to working on these old Hot Rods. It only slows me down a little and thank God for some good friends who are still able to crawl around under cars and dashes. I’m trying to convince Jane I need a rack in the garage. LOL!

Have a great week!

Stay Tooned!



click on photo for larger image

Tom used these stands before he purchased a lift and they worked good but laying on my back doesn’t work so good anymore.

Tom does very neat work as you can see here. I slid under the car and shot this photo. He is a master at the neat and clean look.

I have mixed thoughts over the 37 grille on a model 40 but this one looks good.

Bruce has all the good 3-windows including this Prufer built beauty.

I have owned some sedans in the past and always preferred the hiboy look over fenders.

The five-window also looks good as a hiboy.

Body did build some traditional style roadsters and this one was featured on his TV show.

Certainly a trend setter was 3-window Larry’s fine Deuce. Not sure what happened to this one.

I first saw this one at the Throttler’s Picnic and fell in love with the look.

Chuck built one of the first 4-door sedans that was a winner and many more followed his lead.

The full fendered sedan has always been a beautiful example of the Deuce.

The Phaeton had a yellow interior to match the wheels. The 33 is my favorite.

 Kirk White has owned some very historic roadsters in his career.

Girlie made a Super Bowl ad a few years back.

Roy added a 37 grille to a Rat’s Glass body for George.

Gary has built some fine Deuce sedans. This one is a local car now.

Busby coupe is the standard for 5-windows.

Just right everywhere you look at this build.

The Kennedy Boys chopped a bone stocker and made it into a Rod Rod.

Roy loves the 3-window and this one was a favorite of mine.

Perfect proportions and a baby hemi made it righteous.

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