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I have been under the weather with shoulder bursitis from working on the roadster. I have never had this problem but I can assure you — you don’t want to develop bursitis. After a couple of weeks, I am feeling better but not able to type for extended periods of time. Tonight’s blog will be short for that reason.

I have been talking about phaetons on several of my posts and really don’t know why except I like open cars with 4 doors and room for 4 or more. I have owned three Deuce Phaetons over the years but would prefer the 33/34 for the longer wheelbase and improved ride. Brizio has built the ones I like the best. His resto-rod theme really saves the original beauty of these rare vehicles and by providing a modern drivetrain, they are very road worthy. My high school buddy Dave has owned his 34 tub for many years and it is favorite car for a long road trip. We have located a couple for sale in our area and one for trade only, back east. I have another friend, Jim who built a high-end 34 also and moved the seat back to accommodate his large frame. I have no plans to build anymore cars at my age, but dreaming is still permitted and as they say,”dreams do come true!”

The SEMA show has ended and some beautiful cars were displayed this year. If you are a FB member, then you should have seen all of the cars posted during this past week. If not, then go to the HAMB and they also have great coverage of the cars of SEMA.

When I am healed, I will start some of my technical articles on Pepe and Poppy!

Have a great week in your garage!

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click on photo for a larger image

A very fine example of a model 40 four door done in sinister black on black. Perfect!

A little different is this 34 roadster with a great looking photo shop top. Moon disc add to to era.

Gordon was over in Hawaii and was able to run around in this Deuce relic. Note the bike rack.

Long rumored to be one of the six 1940 Tubs built for the Worlds Fair in 1939.

The forty coupe is just hard to beat when done in black with chrome alloys.

George’s sedan has received lots of ink and rightly so. What a beautiful creation by JHRS.

Chip debuted his personal 5 window at SEMA with full out supercharged flat motor.

Typical quality build that comes from his shop this one was no exception. Lots of conversation on wheel selection.

Original interior styling adds to the overall theme of his build. Very, Very nice car.

I know this roadster and I’m sure many of you do too.

These old tubs seem to be stored rather than being brought back to live.

Seems we have a lost Newport Beach guy in MO. Hopefully will bring the roadster home to LA.

Slick 41 sedan delivery really caught my eye due to the lack of flames. Hum!! I need those stock side hood trim pieces as mine have been shortened.

This primo 33 has been sitting for many years and will probably stay put for the time being.

Debbie Lokar had her forty convertible on display at SEMA. A much modified top can be seen in this photo. Note open side windows in back seat area.

Slamming the Forty sedan seems all wrong to me but this one has the “Look!”

Jim built his 34 Phaeton with the best available. A set back seat makes it a pleasure to drive.

Jim and his Dad go everywhere in his 34 Phaeton.

You probably grow tired of seeing this phaeton but it is the best one out there in my mind. Built by Roy Brizio for Bruce Canepa.

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  1. Post

    I am aware of that! I have 41 trim on there now but has been cut down for flames which I’m going to remove with a new paint job.

  2. Lynn,

    You might want a longer stainless for your hood, but remember “40 trim and ‘ 41 side trim is different,
    barely, but different.

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