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While I have been working in my garage, I decided to see what inventory I needed to sell and what I needed to keep. At 76 years old, I no longer am a hoarder of Deuce parts but like to keep some sedan delivery parts for spares. I had Jane help me pull down some parts from the overhead storage and made a list for selling. I was surprised that I had a lot of parts that I didn’t realize I still had. I guess we all fall into that category. I used to do ebay all the time when I retired but gave it up for local swap meets. The Ford Barn and Jalopy Journal are two other good sources for buying and selling parts.Facebook has a selling page also so the exposure is enormous.

Sales have been brisk and I now how more room in the garage for Pepe and Poppy! Taking care of two cars is a full time job for me. If I had a rack I would be much happier but so far the HOA won’t allow it, even though it is in my garage. What’s a fellow to do! I use Bob’s rack and take him to lunch when I need to see what’s going on under the cars.

NSRA’s big one is over and it appears to have been good weather and a good turnout. I know the Deuces were well represented as FB is full of photos. I will steal a few for your viewing pleasure. While the post 48 models are accepted, there are still plenty of post 48’s to keep you busy during your stay. Our group plans to go back for the 50th anniversary in 2020. Jane and I attended the first NSRA event in Peoria in 1970 so this will be another milestone for us. I’m sure they will have some special events leading up to the 50th. I want a T-shirt that states, ” I attended both the First and the Fiftieth” in a Deuce. Dale Grau should make these available.

The final summer events will take place in the next two months with Wavecrest and Outriders being at the top of Jane’s and my list. Both great shows with lots of great cars and people. Enjoy what is left of the summer by driving your Hot Rod with your best girl by your side.

Stay Tooned!



click on photo for a larger image

The one that started it all for the car guys and gals.

I attended both the First and the Fiftieth in a Deuce.

Nice looking Phaeton at the Nationals in Louisville!

The “Iconic” Deuce hiboy roadster will always be a part of our heritage. Styles have changed over the years but the love of the profile still screams “Hot Rod!”

Phil’s stunning Woody took home SR’s best Ford in a Ford award.

Perfection in execution on this 33 Ford sedan.

Chris is a roadster builder and this was his last one done in black. He always builds a show stopper that is driven.

Adams Rod Shop always has some interesting Deuces like the Brookville Phaeton hiboy.

My kind of Hot Rod!

Another model 40 in gleaming black in the AXALTA booth.

The 36 roadsters have come into play big time in the past few years.

The Builder’s Showcase is always a place to be at the Nationals.

I found this one on ebay and fell in love again.

A very traditional build yet equipped with modern updates including a Winters Banjo and Tremec 5-speed.

The best buy I found today was this 1946 Ford Woody for $48K. In 2004 I sold mine for that and it was a builder. Times are changing in our hobby when it comes to transaction prices of our Hot Rods.

Deuce Heaven is always well stocked with “Heavenly Deuces!”

This green one caught my eye as I have always loved BRG roadsters.

This reminds me of my first 34 sedan I purchased in 1973.

Early morning at the Donut Shop in HB this sedan showed up and wowed the crowds.

The A spring and Halibrand really set off the rear end of this super sedan.

The flatty was blown and sounded wicked.


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