Monday’s Mood

Cold for LA this time of year. I needed the electric blanket to keep warm. I am finished with the shopping and the kids won’t be home until the weekend, so I can play in the garage or on the Internet. Thanks to Fordbarn I have located another delivery, but it is in Ohio which is too far away to go take a look. I am enclosing some photos for you to view. As long as I have looked, I never seem to locate one close to home that can be purchased or that I like. This one looks like a project, but fairly solid car to start with. I would like someone to look at it for me, so I have called a couple of people who live in the area.

In the meantime, I am working on the 33 roadster and may move it down the road and start on the convert. Decisions, decisions, I seem to run out of steam when they tell me how much it is going to cost to paint and upholster my car. You can simply not afford to have a car painted or upholstered today. The result is a “Rat Rod” in the making only a nice primer, safe chassis style hot rod. That’s enough for today.

Happy Holidays

Stay Tooned!



1940 Ford delivery, recent find, from NM…lots of work.


Rear door which looks pretty good, below door is wasted.


Up close of gas tank hole and quarter panel. Note crude spring hanger.


Deuce Tudor hiboy. I like these.

Sneak Peek


Local 41 which I have not been able to purchase for 15 years. It has not moved from this spot.

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